Your REALTOR® Voice Has Been Heard!
Please see the attached CAR communication on the Colorado Stay-at-Home Order, which was updated to include real estate services just moments ago. This change was a direct result of the work your Government Affairs team.
PPAR and RSC Offer Recommendations:  
While our physical offices may be closed, PPAR and RSC staff are still working hard to provide the same high quality of services to you, our member. Real estate’s busiest season is upon us, and as the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, we  strongly urge  our members to stay informed, stay calm and be supportive of your fellow brokers, agents and everyone in our community.
On March 25 th  at approximately 4:23 pm, the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, announced a statewide "stay at home order" beginning at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 26, 2020 and lasting until Saturday, April 11, 2020.  
Important points to remember for now:  
  • Brokers should be consulting closely with their clients and working to immediately implement the new COVID Addendum on existing or new contracts.
  • RSC has implemented and added the new COVID Addendum to Instanet and has made it available online. 

  • The Public Health Order was updated to include a number of critical services such as: Professional services, such as legal, title companies, or accounting services, real estate appraisals and transactions.

The sooner our industry  is a partner in compliance, the sooner our lives can return to normalcy and our market will return to its robust state.  We recognize the impact of these measures, and are prepared to support you through this time.  Remember that your business is not closed despite significant changes to the way that you operate.  You can and will be successful if you  focus on that which you have control over.  
These guidelines have been prepared to the best of our ability but don't reflect full legal interpretation.  Decisions made about your business practices and policies should be discussed with your broker, and brokers should continue to seek legal guidance with their attorneys as they consider such changes.  
  • Section III G - “Stay at Home” means to stay in your place of Residence, which includes hotels, motels, and shared rental facilities, and not leave unless necessary to provide, support, perform, or operate Necessary Activities, Minimum Basic Operations, Critical Government Functions, and Critical Businesses.

  • Critical businesses are still required to comply with social distancing, maintaining six feet of distance between individuals at all times
  • Section IV. Enforcement: This order will be enforced by any appropriate legal means. Local authorities are encouraged to determine the best course of action to encourage maximum compliance. Failure to comply with this order could result in penalties including a fine of up to one thousand (1,000) dollars and imprisonment in the county jail for up to one year, pursuant to 25-1-114, C.R.S.
PPAR and CAR are your trusted sources of information. Please stay tuned for updates throughout the day from us.