Top floor closed January 17 and 18!
Flooring installation is moving surprisingly fast! The top floor is nearly complete. Friday, January 11 work began on the library's main floor.

As a result we have several spaces that have limited access.

Main Floor
Our audiovisual collection has been moved and much of it is inaccessible. We have new and returned materials available. Audiovisual area flooring should be complete by the middle of this week. If you need help finding materials, please ask us!

Top Floor
By the middle of this week, all the shelving on the top floor will be moved to it's new home. We're really excited about the new floor plan and we hope you will enjoy the view! However, before we can fully realize the new layout several of the shelving units need to change length. This will ensure shelving units fit their intended location. This means we need to shift all the books in the non-fiction collection. ALL THE BOOKS.

To ensure this happens in the most efficient and safe manner possible the upper floor of the library will be closed to the public:
  • Thursday, January 17 and
  • Friday, January 18.

We will be working hard on these days to ensure when we open on Saturday access to the majority of our top floor materials will be easy. (Local History, Michigan History, Microfilm and related collections may continue to be difficult to access until the end of January as we create a Local History Room. Which is also really exciting.)

Andrea Ingmire
Library Director