Dear Clients,

Thank you for your support and patience. The following changes to our procedures and protocols in response to COVID-19 are listed below. As well, in response to the changing business and economic environment, we have also made some changes to our general policies, including how we take payment and how we schedule our Cleaners.

During the pandemic, Green Cleaning Seattle will be utilizing the following PPE and protocols:

- One of the main ingredients that we use for cleaning is Thymol. Thymol is an EPA-approved disinfectant that is also natural. It is approved for killing the Coronavirus. This ingredient is contained within all of our cleaning solutions.
- Our Green Cleaners wear disposable gloves throughout the duration of the service.
- Our Green Cleaners are provided with hand-sanitizer and wash their hands regularly.
- Our Green Cleaners wear REUSABLE (locally-made, hand-made) masks and plastic glasses for the duration of the service.
- Our Green Cleaners use clean cleaning cloths and mop heads for every home.
- Our equipment is sanitized after each use.
- Our employees are still practicing social distancing. Our employees and Green Cleaners are following the social distancing guidelines and limiting their exposure to others during this pandemic.
- Our Green Cleaners will stay at least 6’ away from you.
- Our Green Cleaners take their temperature each morning to make sure they are not feeling any signs of illness; if they are feeling sick at all, they will stay at home and may choose to use their Sick Pay if they desire.
- Our Green Cleaners and employees receive regular training relating to sanitation, cleaning and safety.

What we need from our clients/what else you need to know:

- Please inform us via phone and email prior to your service if you (or someone in your household) has been experiencing any flu or cold like symptoms, or has been exposed to COVID-19, or has tested positive for COVID-19. If you or your household member have/or are suspected to have COVID-19, If more than 24hrs notice is given, no cancel fee will be charged. Less than 24hrs notice, a $100 fee will be charged. Otherwise our regular cancel fees will apply (see our FAQ on website).
- Please tell our office your general plan of how you (and your household) will maintain 6ft social distancing during the cleaning (ie: something like - you will leave or stay in one room during cleaning). This is so we can all rest assured that we will all be practicing social distancing during the cleaning.
- We no longer offer a specific Cleaner. The way we schedule has changed and we cannot accommodate special requests for specific Cleaners any longer. Thank you for your understanding.
- We now require a $200 deposit at the time of setting up service for all new clients if your service is under $500 and if the service is over $500, a $500 deposit is required (we will not collect physical payment or come in contact with clients at time of service). Remainder of payment will be due via credit card invoice after completion of service. We will also soon be requiring a credit card on file for all clients, including already-set schedule clients.

Thank you for your continued support. 

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