JUNE 2018
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June 12, 2018

AIA Louisiana 2018 Regular Legislative Session Report

As a benefit to our members, attached for your reference is our 2018 Regular Session Legislative Report describing selected legislation introduced this session. This article provides a listing of each bill introduced that our Legislative Affairs Committee earmarked as issues of interest to the membership.
There were a total of 1446 bills, 889 House Bills and 557 Senate Bills introduced. AIA Louisiana was closely monitoring 45 bills. Particularly important is the fact that at last count, in the next election cycle, 17 of 39 Senate members and 40 of 105 House members will be term limited. Because of the success of our Political Action Committee, we have allies in the legislature that are already informed on our issues and are prepared to work with us in creating solutions. This will become increasingly difficult with 57 new members. The success of our PAC is crucial as we move forward.
Many thanks to the 2018 Legislative Affairs Committee under the leadership of Steve Maher, AIA, which included Ben Bradford, AIA, Kevin Alford, AIA, lobbyist Adam Haddox and Lynn Robertson and staff.
List of Bills and their Details
Below is a summary table of the bills. Click on the table to download this full report.
Eliminates the Construction Manager at Risk Pilot Program of $25 million project minimum
·         All CMAR projects must be greater than $5 million
·         Owners of public projects from $5 million to $15 million attempting to use CMAR must provide written notification 60 days prior to the House and Senate Transportation Committees
·         If CMAR contractor and owner cannot agree or reach a negotiated agreement-project shall be re-advertised using the public bid laws as design-bid-build and the CMAR contractor will be prohibited from bidding on the project

Public records exception for certain records concerning the fitness of a person to receive or hold a license or certificate of registration to practice architecture
·         Includes records, exhibits, pictures, drawings and the like
·         Records would be released to the public in an administrative hearing before the board
·         Any legal grounds upon which such determination is based shall be public record

Louisiana State Fire Marshal to provide access to LSBAE and LAPELS for examination and reproduction of documents
·          Prohibits release to public, 3 rd party and other state agencies

Provides relative to the state uniform construction code
·         State Fire Marshal may establish contract agreements with municipalities and parishes to provide code enforcement
·         Allows appeal by professional of record to SOFM for alternative materials, design and methods of construction and equipment as part of these contract agreements

Sought to define “governmental function” in the state ethics code
Establishes the Occupational Licensing Review Act
·         Gives Governor authority to receive information relating to activities of any regulatory and licensing agency
·         Governor shall review 20% of agencies engaged in regulatory and licensing activities annually for 5 years
·         Information will be made available to the public in a timely manner
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