July 31, 2017

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OneIMRF Board opens Executive Director search
The IMRF Board of Trustees has opened the search for a new Executive Director. EFL Associates, an executive search firm, is assisting IMRF in recruiting for this position. Detailed position specifications may be viewed online.
The Executive Director is appointed by and reports to the full Board of Trustees. In addition to other duties, the position has responsibility for the general administration of IMRF and providing leadership to IMRF in achieving its mission, vision, and values. The Board of Trustees will begin interviewing candidates for the Executive Director position in September and October.
Current Executive Director Louis W. Kosiba announced his retirement earlier this year. The Board hopes to announce IMRF's next Executive Director by the fourth quarter of 2017.
TwoNew Wage Reporting Survey:
Your Opinion Matters! 
IMRF continuously strives to provide its employers and members with the highest quality retirement services. To further this mission, we are asking employers to respond to a quick survey on Wage Reporting:
Employers currently submit monthly wage reports.

Please click here to share your opinion of the following question:
Would you be interested in conducting Wage Reporting every two weeks?

Employers are asked to submit their responses by 4 PM Monday, August 7.
ThreeConsider recertification of positions before September 1
IMRF employers are reminded to assess if they are required to recertify elected positions and appointed governing bodies. This is in response to two recently adopted IMRF Board Resolutions: Board Resolution 2017-02-13 and Board Resolution 2017-05-10
To comply, participating employers are required to create a resolution for a governing board or council to approve. The recertifying resolution must be passed by the governing body before September 1, 2017, regardless of the date of any previously passed IMRF resolution that may be on file.
The governing body may use IMRF Form 6.64, "A Resolution Relating to Participation by Elected Officials in The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund," or IMRF Form 6.64A,"A Resolution Relating to Participation by an Appointed Governing Body Position in The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund." The governing body may also draft and adopt its own resolution that is consistent with IMRF Form 6.64 or IMRF Form 6.64A. After the resolution is adopted, it must be filed with IMRF.
Failure to recertify will end IMRF eligibility for any elected position or any appointed governing body position not recertified.
FourNew Web address for Online Payment Portal
The new First Data Government Solutions online portal used by IMRF employers to remit payments went live on Friday, July 28. Employers may now access the portal via a new website address, which was introduced to help IMRF employers safeguard against malicious cyber-threats.
IMRF employers who reach the portal through Employer Access will be automatically redirected to the new website address. All employers will need to create a new online user name and password. To do so, select the "New user" link at the bottom of the page, and follow the prompts. An IMRF EFT Number and PIN is required to complete the process.
Employers who access the portal through bookmarks saved on their computers' browsers should update their bookmarks to the new address.
All questions about this change should be directed to
First Data Corporation at 1-800-332-4125.
FiveJuly Employer Reminder:
Resignations of IMRF members on disability
Employers should advise any member receiving IMRF disability benefits to contact IMRF before resigning from employment. Doing so could help the member fully understand the impact resignation may have on his or her disability benefits.
Read more about the resignation process and the extenuating circumstances that may occur in the July 2017 Employer Reminder.
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