Legislative Update - August 31 , 2017
Governor acts on IMRF-related legislation
The Governor has signed into law several pieces of IMRF-related legislation that were passed by the Illinois General Assembly:
  • HB 3070/Public Act 100-148: Clarifies that members may make one payment for past service purchases after terminating employment in an IMRF position, as long as the application is made prior to termination. Effective August 18, 2017.
  • HB 3122/Public Act 100-274: Sets the hourly standard for all governing body members, whether elected or appointed, at 1,000 hours. Applicable only to members who begin participation as a governing body member after the effective date of the bill. Effective January 1, 2018.
  • SB 701/Public Act 100-411: Excludes vehicle allowances from the definition of reportable wages for members who first begin participation on or after the effective date. Also excludes vacation payouts from the accelerated payment calculation, but only if the payment was made in the final three months of the Final Rate of Earnings (FRE) period. Effective August 25, 2017.
  • HB 418/Public Act 100-281: In the provision applicable to IMRF, excludes new police chiefs in Article 3 communities from opting into IMRF SLEP as of January 1, 2019. Only applicable to chiefs who have earned no IMRF service credit prior to that date.
  • HB 2966/Public Act 100-139: Requires members to be vested in IMRF in order to qualify as a candidate for the Board of Trustees and also clarifies that the AP is applicable to increases in "reported earnings" rather than "salary." Effective August 18, 2017; this will apply to the 2017 Executive Trustee election.
  • HB 815/Public Act 100-354: Allows the Village of Bedford Park to allow their police and/or fire employees to participate in IMRF SLEP. The bill was effective August 25, 2017, but the change will only be applicable after the village requests a cost study from IMRF regarding the potential cost of the change and also passes a resolution to allow the switch.
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