Legislative Update - March 8, 2018
IMRF launches 2018 Legislative Agenda
IMRF has identified two legislative priorities to pursue over the coming year. Both bills have found sponsors in the legislature:
  • SB 2884 (Sponsor: Sen. Iris Martinez): This bill would allow electronic election options to be offered in the Employee and Annuitant Trustee elections. The goal is to make voting simple, fast, and easy. The option to vote electronically would be offered as an additional option only; members and annuitants would still have the ability to vote via paper ballot if they prefer.
  • SB 3119 (Sponsor: Sen. Pamela Althoff): This bill would tighten limitations on police participation, prohibiting participation by former police chiefs who return to the same municipality as a police advisor or in another, similar position. This change would be applicable only to new members.
Other IMRF-related legislation introduced
Illinois legislators have introduced three other bills related to IMRF:
  • HB 4413 (Sponsor: Rep. Carol Ammons): This bill would require all Board of Trustees meetings, including committee meetings, to be available via live stream on the Fund's website by high speed internet. The proposal applies to all pension systems.
  • HB 4599 (Sponsor: Rep. Kathleen Willis): Employers who have full-time paramedics or EMTs who are not eligible for participation in an Article 4 (downstate fire) fund would be permitted to place those employees into SLEP rather than regular IMRF. SLEP participation would apply only to service occurring on or after the date of the resolution.
  • HB 4839 (Sponsor: Rep. Jeanne Ives): In the provisions applicable to IMRF, this bill would exclude from pensionable wages payments received for unused sick and vacation time, and would terminate a provision allowing members to convert unused, unpaid sick time to service credit. This change would be applicable only to new members.
IMRF is neutral on these bills. Click here to read more about IMRF's positions on this legislation.
IMRF's role in the legislative process
Legislation affecting IMRF is introduced often by outside groups and individuals. The IMRF Board and staff closely monitor these bills, and the Board generally votes to take a position -- to support, oppose, or remain neutral -- on each bill that changes the Illinois Pension Code. However, it's important to remember that the Board's position does not necessarily affect whether a bill eventually becomes a law.
The Board also votes on a "Legislative Agenda" of legislative proposals it will work to introduce and pass during the upcoming session.
IMRF staff and Board members also meet periodically with state legislators when the legislature is not in session to ensure that they are informed about IMRF.
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