Found an LN Engineering sticker / tag on your pre-owned Porsche Car? 
Looking to buy a 1997-2005 996®, Boxster® or Cayman®?
Perform an online IMS Check and find out more about your IMS bearing history.

LN Engineering is receiving many requests from current and future owners of 1997-2008 911, Boxster or Cayman cars, inquiring about IMS bearing history in their cars. With our large, ever-growing database of IMS Retrofit and IMS Solution installations and we're often able to help, providing additional info such as bearing type, date of installation, mileage at the time of installation or even name of the shop / installer.
In order to simplify the process and to serve the Porsche community and our customers better, we are introducing IMS Check - an online feature that allows you to verify your LN Engineering IMS product history based on its serial number, or even check if a particular Porsche car has been fitted with IMS Retrofit or IMS Solution, using the VIN number.

Visit our redesigned, easier to navigate IMS Retrofit website to learn even more about our products. Now with even more content, it will help you to understand the issue better and provide useful tips related to IMS Retrofit bearings, installation and maintenance.

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