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Have you heard the big news? Transportation and Public Safety are evolving, and so are we. At IMSA, we have an ambitious plan to modernize our certification programs and business practices to support you. In ITS International, you can find out more about our objectives surrounding these changes, what prompted them, and what to expect in the coming months. Take a look!
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Deliver an engaging and entertaining product demo to attendees, students, and potential customers. In addition to providing attendees with Continuing Education Credits, these demos will be an excellent learning experience. The demos will take place in 20-minute slots on Monday and Tuesday. Each product demo reservation will include a push notification to all attendees. This is your chance to stand out to attendees, but it won't last long – there are only 6 available! Reserve your spot today. Email Hayley Marlow.

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Certification Program Schedule
·    Roadway Lighting Technician Level II, 5/11/2022, Mesa, AZ
·    Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 5/11/2022, Mesa, AZ
·    Traffic Signal Inspector, 5/11/2022, Mesa, AZ
Contact: David Hutt
·    Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 6/1/2022, Online
Contact: About Phase Academy- Stacey Mueller
·    IMSA/FOA Certified Fiber Optic Technician, 5/18/2022, Port Orange. FL       
·       Roadway Lighting Technician Level I, 5/16/2022, APA- Hybrid
·       Roadway Lighting Technician Level II, 5/18/2022, APA- Hybrid
·       Signs & Pavement Markings Technician Level I, 5/2/2022, APA- Hybrid
·       Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 6/8/2022, APA- Hybrid
·   Traffic Signal Inspector-Florida Supplement, 6/13/2022, Hybrid
·   Traffic Signal Inspector for Advanced Technologies, 6/15/2022, Hybrid
·   Traffic Signal Senior Field Technician Level III, 6/10/2022, Hybrid
·       Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 6/6/2022, APA- Hybrid
·       Transportation Ctr. System Specialist Level II, 5/11/2022, Hybrid
Contact: Jeffrey Knight
·    Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 5/12/2022, Online
Contact: Guy Petinga
p:(609)705-5842 All classes are hybrid (online or in person) and can be challenged
·   IMSA/FOA Certified Fiber Optic Technician, 8/17/2022, Harrisburg, PA, In-Person Only
·  Roadway Lighting Technician I, 8/18/2022, Online/In-Person
·   Traffic Signal Construction Technician Level II, 8/15/2022, Online/In-Person
·     Traffic Signal Design/Engineering Technician Level II, 8/15/2022, Online/In-Person
·     Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 8/15/2022, Online/In-Person
·     Traffic Signal Inspector, 8/18/2022, Online/In-Person
·     Traffic Signal Inspector for Advanced Technologies, 6/15/2022, Online                              
·     Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 8/18/2022, Online/In-Person
·     Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician, 8/15/2022, Online/In-Person
Contact: Richard Hudson
p:(575) 749-8778
·       Interior Fire Alarm Technician Level I, 5/24/2022, Albuquerque, NM
·       Interior Fire Alarm Technician Level II, 5/26/2022, Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Mark Rodgers
Signs Technician Level II, 5/17/2022, Online
Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 5/25/2022, Online
Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 5/11/2022, Online
Contact: Robert Decleir
p:(905) 331-9437
·    Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 5/17/2022, Online
Contact: Jon Hoffman
P: (706)834-6107
·     Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 5/24/2022, Online
·     Traffic Signal Inspector, 5/24/2022, Online
·     Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 5/24/2022, Online
·     Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician, 5/23/2022, Online
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