IMSA Traffic Signal CEC Offering - Available Online
Still in need of continuing education hours towards your Traffic Signal Certifications for renewal? Looking for an opportunity that has all 16 credits needed for your traffic signal renewals?
You are now able to purchase and view the technical session videos from the IMSA Forum & Expo online through the IMSA website. This package provides you with 16+ hours of continuing education credits for your traffic signal renewal. Every quarter, these hours will be automatically uploaded into your online profile. So, all you’ll need to do is submit your renewal paperwork!

PRICE: $350 (Free to 2021 Forum & Expo attendees with paid access)
WHEN: Available beginning November 1st

Question, reach out to Monica Lomeli on the certification team.
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Growing urbanization is making bad enough traffic worse. ITS is improving quality of life rapidly using Hybrid Fiber-Copper Networks.

Latest US census portrays dense & growing metropolitan areas, adding 8.8B hours of travel time & 3.3B gallons of fuel usage. Small wonder, then, that governments are investing in transforming ITS networks to align with IoT & Smart applications.
Read more to learn about new innovative Hybrid Fiber-Copper ITS solutions that can contribute to a better quality of life & improve our driving sanity.

Michal Winkler Solomon, VP of Product Marketing, Actelis Networks,
Product Spotlight
The Dur-A-Lift DPM series aerial bucket lifts feature our most versatile design. 

They can be configured with or without material handling capabilities, with single or double-person aluminum or fiberglass baskets. There is the option for a basket elevator, with various max working heights ranging from 37 feet to 67 feet in insulated or non-insulated formats to pair with a chassis and body that fit your needs. Call RBG Inc. at (603) 895-3803 for a quote on a custom-built bucket truck that fits the specifications of your business or click to visit our website at for more information.
Certification Program Schedule
Contact: Kraft Graeme
·   Pavement Markings Technician Level II, 11/17/2021, Coquitlam, BC
·   Signs & Pavement Markings Technician Level I, 11/15/2021, Coquitlam, BC
·   Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 11/17/2021, Coquitlam, BC
·  Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 11/15/2021, Coquitlam, BC
Contact: SUNSHINE SAFETY COUNCIL - Stacey Mueller
p:(386)253-6400 ext. 114
·       Traffic Signal Field II, 12/13/2021, Online
·       Traffic Signal Inspector – Florida Supplement 11/17/2021, Online
·       Traffic Signal Technician I, 11/15/2021, Online
Contact: Pinellas Technical College - Raymond Gorman
p:(727)893-2500 ext. 2587
·       Roadway Lighting Technician Level I, 11/11/2021, St. Petersburgh - PTEC   
Contact: United Safety Council, Carol Freeman
·       Roadway Lighting Technician I, 12/7/2021, Florida Safety Council
Contact: Robert Decleir
p:(905) 331-9437
·       Traffic Signal Field Technician I, 12/7/2021, Online
Contact: Douglas Pershall
p:(309) 428-3993
·     IMSA/FOA Certified Fiber Optic Technician, 1/11/2022, Kansas City, MO
·     Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 1/27/2022, Clive, IA
·     Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 12/9/2021, Moline, IL
·     Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 3/3/2022, Moorhead, MN
·     Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 3/17/2022, Wildwood, MO
·     Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 4/14/2022, Midwestern Section, Peawakee, WI
·     Traffic Signal Senior Field Technician Level III, 1/27/2022, Clive, IA
·     Traffic Signal Senior Field Technician Level III, 12/9/2021, Moline, IL
·     Traffic Signal Senior Field Technician Level III, 3/4/2022, Moorhead, MN
·     Traffic Signal Senior Field Technician Level III, 3/17/2022, Wildwood, MO
·     Traffic Signal Senior Field Technician Level III, 4/14/2022 , Peawakee, WI
·     Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 1/25/2022, Clive, IA
·     Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 12/8/2021, Moline, IL
·     Traffic Signal Technician Level I 3/1/2022, Moorhead, MN
·     Traffic Signal Technician Level I 3/15/2022, Wildwood, MO
·     Traffic Signal Technician Level I 4/12/2022, Pewaukee, WI
·     Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician, 12/6/2021, Moline, IL
·     Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician, 1/24/2022, Clive/ Des Moines, IL
·     Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician, 2/28/2022, Moorhead, MN
·     Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician, 3/14/2022, Wildwood, MO
·     Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician, 4/11/2022, Peawakee, WI
Contact: Jeffrey Knight
·     Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 11/18/2021, Online
·     Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 11/11/2021, Online
Contact: Guy Petinga
p:(609)705-5842 All classes are hybrid (online or in person) and can be challenged
·    Roadway Lighting Technician I, 11/29/2021, Online
·     Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician, 11/4/2021, Online
·     Traffic Signal Technician Level I, 12/8/2021, Online
·     Traffic Signal Field Technician Level II, 12/15/2021, Online
P :(972)291-5549
·       Miscellaneous Challenge Exams, 11/16/2021, Irving. TX
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