Welcome to the Summer "pandemic" edition of our Quarterly College and Academic Counseling Newsletter. This is our last Newsletter for the 2019-2020 school year. We hope you will find peace and solace during this unprecedented summer.

CLASS of 2022
Preparation for the College Selection Process
We hope you will find time summer to start the conversation about your student's college search process that will officially begin next fall. Please refer to the IMSA College Planning Timeline .

Please also utilize various college search features on Naviance Student to get familiar with admission statistics for IMSA Students. Ask your student to share with you their resume on Naviance Student. The resume plays an important role in the college application process and it is never too early to start assembling one.

Suggested Summer Read: Where You Go is Not Who You'll Be by Frank Bruni.

CLASS of 2021
Summer Homework Assignment (for students): 
1. Write a draft of your Common Application essay for the August-September meeting with your CAC. 
2. Continue to research colleges from the college list that each junior received at the Family College Conference. 
3. Update your resume with the most current information for the August-September meeting with your CAC. 

Summer Homework Assignment (for parents):
1. Complete the FAFSA4caster HERE to calculate an estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC is used by colleges to calculate financial aid.
2. Complete the Net Price Calculator for each college your student is researching. The Net Price Calculator provides a fairly accurate estimate of what a particular college will cost your family and you can access the calculator on each college website.   

Suggested Summer Read: I am Going to College, Not you! Surviving the College Search With Your Child by Jennifer Delahunty.