January 21, 2019
IMSH, Project Update, Independent Testing
Information, Visualization and Innovative Research (IVIR, Inc.) specializes in research and development in education, medical education, modeling and simulation . Contact us as to how we can best support your requirements. Email info@ivirinc.com or go to www.ivirinc.com.
See You at IMSH?
If you are going to IMSH, why not pre-arrange a meeting with our IVIR team who will be in attendance? Feel free to contact Catherine Strayhorn Chief Executive Officer, President or William Lewandowski, Chair, Board of Directors and Chief Operations Officer in advance of the conference. We are proud to be active in SSH committees and the simulation community. We hope to see you at the largest simulation event of the year.
Deep into Phase II
Ask about our JETS/POINTS development effort that we are doing for the government. We are heavily involved in phase II but are happy to show you a demonstration of the architecture design. Medical evacuation is the timely, efficient movement and en route care of patients by medical personnel from the battlefield and/or medical facilities, to higher echelons of care. We are proud to be instrumental in this initiative.
Independent Test and Evaluation
It is not enough for a product manufacturer or researcher to simply say a product or technology works and meets specifications. In reality, customers and end users want validated evidence that products and technologies meet promised standards and specifications. IVIR provides independent test and evaluation for validation.
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