January 13, 2019
IMSH, Simulation and Medical Research
Information, Visualization and Innovative Research (IVIR, Inc.) specializes in research and development in education, medical education, modeling and simulation . Contact us as to how we can best support your requirements. Email info@ivirinc.com or go to www.ivirinc.com.
See You at IMSH
IVIR's team members will be on-site at IMSH and available to meet with attendees January 17 - 22 in San Diego. We look forward to seeing you at this very important medical simulation event. Contact us as we are scheduling meetings now.
Simulation Expertise
IVIR's personnel have decades of simulation experience. Vendor agnostic, we work with military and civillian clients to find the best solution for their requirements. Well known in the simulation community, IVIR's Chief Executive Officer and President, Catherine Strayhorn, is the Chair of the SSH Corporate Roundtable and will be present at IMSH.
Medical Research
IVIR's research expertise is unmatched including our work for medical device companies, government and other clients. This work is done by applying information visualization modeling and simulation technologies to uncover new insights regarding general and medical education applications. We are proud to make a difference in the medical field with our work to improve patient safety.
Contact Us
Would you like to learn more about this woman-owned business? Visit www.ivirinc.com, call 941-377-6329 or Email Us.
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