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IAIC Portfolio Managers are often asked questions regarding inflation and interest rates. In this quarter's update, we are providing our readers with a short video that will answer some of the more commonly asked questions.

Click here to learn more about inflation and interest rates, transitory inflation, some of the strategic and tactical things an investor can do in an inflationary environment and how IAIC is addressing inflationary risks.

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What are the different types of life insurance in Canada?
There are 2 different types of life insurance plans in Canada: term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

There is no one type of life insurance that is best for anyone, each has its benefits and drawbacks. Your life insurance needs are determined by a variety of factors such as the age and number of your dependents, household income, marital status, debt profile, and mortgage loan and amortization schedule.

Consult your accountant, financial planner, or insurance specialist to compare the different types of life insurance and determine which type of life insurance is right for you.

How the Markets Performed
The equities markets were down this quarter with both US and International equities down for a second consecutive quarter. Canadian equities ended in negative territory after posting positive returns to start the year outperforming both the US and International markets year to date. The Bank of Canada increased interest rates twice this quarter as we saw the latest inflation numbers reach 7.7% for May leading the way for the expectation of future interest rate increase. Despite the increases in interest rates, we saw a second negative quarter for the Preferred Share Index.

Keeping our record of your personal information up to date
In order for our investment management team at IAIC to make appropriate investment decisions for you, we must always be up to date on your personal circumstances that are relevant to your financial situation and objectives.

For example, a material change in any of the following could impact our decision-making:

  • Marital status or number of dependents
  • Employment Information
  • Income / net worth
  • Health
  • Personal residence
  • Investment time horizon (when do you need access to funds in the future)
  • Appetite and capacity for investment risk
  • Investment objectives

If you experience any of these types of changes in your life, please inform us directly, phone:
1-877-291- 3040 or by email:

We are required to keep your personal information up to date. It is our practice that if we have not had a meaningful conversation with you in the past year about your personal circumstances such as those listed above, we will reach out to you directly in order to update our records and determine if any investment strategy changes are needed. We may reach out to you by phone, letter or electronically. In these times of identity theft, if you are uncertain at all about the legitimacy of our request for information, please contact us to verify that the request is indeed legitimate and originating from IAIC.

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