The Indiana Family & Social Services Administration (FSSA) is two weeks away from the July 1st transition date for Ascend, a MAXIMUS Company to begin providing PASRR Level II evaluations for persons with Mental Illness (MI). Already providing the statewide PASRR Level I screening, LOC evaluations, and Level II evaluations for persons with Intellectual/Developmental Disability (IDD), this upcoming transition to Ascend brings both IDD and MI Level II assessments under one entity - which will offer a number of benefits including greater procedural consistency across each assessment type and streamlined processes across both Level II MI and IDD.
We know that providers will have questions as we move toward the 07/01 go-live date. With that in mind, we've got you covered with a breakdown of the key things you'll need to know to be prepped for the transition. These include:
  • Upcoming learning opportunities - 06/18, 19, 25, 26 and 07/01-02 
  • Process changes you can expect leading up to 07/01 and beyond
  • Support resources - updated PASRR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
As we move toward the transition, here's a helpful " progress tracker " spotlighting key project milestones. It will continue to be updated in future communications for an  at-a-glance view  of where we are and what's next in the process.

Transition Overview, System Demos, and Q&A Webinars
Beginning today, June 18th, we kick off an in-depth series of one-hour webinars taking geared toward prepping Indiana providers with all the information they'll need to be ready for the upcoming Ascend transition for PASRR LII - MI evaluations, starting 07/01
Led by Ascend Training Manager, Stephanie Pettitt, these helpful sessions include include an overview of PASRR and the transition changes ahead, as well as a demo of online assessment tool, AssessmentPro, and Q&A sessions taking place the first two days of the transition launch. 
Click Links to Register:
LOOKING AHEAD: Changes to Expect During the Transition and Beyond
In reviewing upcoming changes, the Level I, Level of Care submissions, and Level II - IDD processes will all remain the same. For Level II - MI, CMHCs will continue with any assessments submitted through 06/30/19. Ascend will start Level II assessments for MI beginning with new Level I referrals submitted 07/01/19.
There will be a few, critical revisions affecting current PASRR Level II - MI procedures. These include the following:
New Level II Evaluation Form
The existing Level II - Mental Illness (MI) Form and Inappropriate Referral Form will both be retired. It will be replaced by Ascend's gold-standard Level II Evaluation Form, which takes a more person-centered approach to achieve a more accurate assessment of the individual's medical and functional needs.
Concurrent Delivery of LOC Outcome and Level II - MI Outcome
Following the existing process used for the IN PASRR Level II - IDD assessments, starting 07/01Level II - MI outcomes and  Level of Care (LOC) outcomes will both be delivered at the same time.

Turnaround Time for Level II Referral 
Contractually, Ascend will have  5 business days to complete a Level II Referral , beginning the day following receipt of the referral from the hospital or nursing facility. In some cases, this may be faster than the current process, while slower in others.

If you believe this process will be slower for your facility, Ascend recommends the best practice of starting the Level I process upon admission, not upon discharge. Starting the Level I process early allows any potential Level II evaluations to be scheduled as quickly as possible.
TOOLKIT: Updated Indiana PASRR FAQs
Ascend will continue to provide you with updated resource materials in throughout the transition process. Click below to download and review updated PASRR Frequently Asked Questions for the Indiana provider - an important first stop for your process questions.
Ascend will continue to reach out via email to provide you with helpful reminders, that impact your work with the PASRR program. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about Ascend.

We are privileged to work with you to ensure individuals in Indiana receive the services and supports they need. Thank you for all you do!