Since AssessmentPro's 2016 launch in Indiana, first with the PASRR Level II/Level of Care assessments, later that year with Level II Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) assessments, and now with the recent transition of the Level II Mental Illness (MI) assessments, the AssessmentPro platform has become an integral part of this newly unified PASRR process. While MAXIMUS has already served 15,387 individuals through the PASRR assessment process since the July 1st transition, assessment volumes remain heavy as systems continue to be integrated.

With these crucial facts in mind, we invite you to explore some time-saving resources including:
  • Policy reminders
  • AssessmentPro best practice process tips
  • Details on upcoming 08/13-14 Q&A webinars
POLICY REMINDERS: Understanding PASRR Procedures

30-Day Exempted Hospital Discharge

An exempted hospital discharge is a short-term exemption from the PASRR process for an individual with a known or suspected MI/ID/RC who meets the following criteria:
  • Received acute inpatient treatment in a medical hospital and is discharging from the hospital to a nursing facility
  • Received non-psychiatric services
  • Now requires short-term treatment of less than 30 calendar days in a NF for the same condition for which the individual was originally hospitalized
To apply for an EHD decision, the individual must meet all criteria listed above. Note - Emergency Dept discharges to the NF do not qualify for the EHD decision.

7-Day Provisional Emergency Categorical

A short-term exemption from the PASRR process is requested for an individual who has a known or suspected MI/ID/RC and an urgent, unexpected need for placement. Typical reasons include: loss of caregiver, loss of residence, suspicion of abuse or neglect or self-neglect.

*NOTE - The requirement that a call be made to Adult Protective Services (APS), prior to requesting a 7-day emergency categorical, is temporarily suspended. Although this requirement is lifted for the interim, providers are still encouraged to contact APS whenever there is suspicion of abuse or neglect, per state law.

BEST PRACTICE: Helpful Process Tips
Process for Individual with Aging and Disability Waiver

For an individual on ADWA who is entering a NF and placed on an Aging and Disability Waiver, a Level of Care (LOC) is not required. When submitting screens for individuals with this type of waiver, be sure to upload a copy of the waiver into the PASRR screen, as this takes place of the LOC.

In these cases, you will also need to contact for billing purposes.

Duplicate Assessments Are Unnecessary

Be mindful that duplicating assessments for an individual is never necessary. Resubmission will not move an individual's assessment further up in the queue or speed up completion. 

Duplication will also not speed up billing for Level of Care (LOC) cases. In those latter instances, you should contact the IN PASRR Help Desk:

Find Details on Completed Level II Evaluations

There are a few options to find out whether an individual's
Level II evaluation has been completed:
  • Once completed, details on a Level II evaluation will be available through an advanced search for that individual.
  • Look for the Recent Outcomes tab, then search under the My Screens and Facility Screens tabs (shown below) to check status. All recent outcomes from the previous 2 weeks should be visible.

Identifying Categoricals

When applicable, be sure to request a categorical to prevent unnecessary Level II assessments. To add that designation in AssessmentPro, follow these steps:
  1. In the PASRR Screen section titled Categoricals/Examples, select Yes for the question, "Does the individual need nursing facility care for the condition treated in the hospital?"
  2. Select Yes to the question, "Has the individual's physician documented that she/he requires 30 days or less of nursing facility care?"

REGISTER: Upcoming IN PASRR Q&A Sessions

Do you still have questions about PASRR, the recent Level II - Mental Illness (MI) assessments transition, or using AssessmentPro? Be sure to join us on two informative, hour-long webinars for an opportunity to field your toughest questions with the IN PASRR Training team and learn some helpful insights into the PASRR process. 

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Ascend, a MAXIMUS Company will continue to reach out via email to provide you with helpful reminders, detailed information on policy, and procedural updates. We invite you to visit our website to learn more us.

We are privileged to work with you to ensure individuals in your community receive the services and supports they need.