We're now several days past the July 1st transition of the Indiana PASRR Level II - Mental Illness (MI) program to assessment coordination through Ascend, a MAXIMUS Company - an important step to unify the processes for both MI and IDD assessments. Thank you for being an integral part of the process! 
Establishing a more effective tracking system was one key reason for this impactful change. Volumes have been higher than expected since 07/01, with over 8,620 individuals served through the IN PASRR program for the month-to-date. As the supports continue to be put in place to fully integrate LI and LII - MI and IDD processes, you may experience temporarily longer delays for Level II completion. 

During the next several weeks, turnaround times may reach closer to the federally required average of 9 days, but will adjust to a maximum 5 day turnaround time at the end of this transitional period. As we move toward completion of current backlog, several critical steps are being taken to double the current program capacity through each aspect of the PASRR process. These include:

Assessor Network Expansion

With 59 assessors currently available to take referrals, we're tracking with more than 50 additional assessorsall currently at various stages of the interview and onboarding process.

Support Roles Growth

More staff are being added across all areas of contract support, including  nurse reviewer, quality control,  and  help desk categories.

Accepted Referral Volumes

New incentives are being developed to  increase accepted referrals within the current assessor network.
PROCESS GUIDE: Checking Status of a Referral 

Need to check on a referral's current status in the process? Below are some helpful guidelines to follow, depending on the specific scenario for each referral.

TIP: If you're still waiting on an outcome, please DO NOT resubmit a referral. This will only delay the process. Reviews are completed based upon date/time of submission and additional attempts will not speed up the review/decision process. 

SCENARIO 1: Referral is Less Than 5 Days Old

For any referral submissions less than 5 days old, be sure to first check the following queues on AssessmentPro: Clinical Review queue, which displays submissions pending an outcome. My Screens and Facility Screens queues will give you a broader look at what has been submitted from your facility.

SCENARIO 2: Referral is Over 5 Days Old

If you're checking on  a referral submission that's older than 5 days   and do not see any updates in the system queues listed above, email the IN PASRR Help Desk:

SCENARIO 3: Assessment is no Longer Needed

If you have not yet received an outcome for a Level I, LOC or Level II and the individual is no longer in need of NF stay or has been dischargedplease call the IN PASRR Help Desk to request a cancellation: 877.431.1388 x 3408
TOOLKIT: Updated Indiana PASRR FAQs
Be sure to download and review the latest updates to the IN PASRR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This useful resource includes newly added Q&A's from the post LII - MI transition webinars held in early July. *New updates are listed in orange in the table of contents.

REGISTER: Level I & AssessmentPro Webinars

We invite you to join us for two informative sessions coming up this Thursday, 07/25 and Friday, 07/26 Learn more about the fundamentals of PASRR and some important basics on AssessmentPro functionalities and usage. We look forward to connecting with you!

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*Note - You will only need to sign up for one session. Material covered will be identical for each webinar.

Ascend will continue to reach out via email to provide you with helpful reminders, that impact your work with the PASRR program. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about Ascend.

We are privileged to work with you to ensure individuals in Indiana receive the services and supports they need. Thank you for all you do!