"The Chamber Music Odyssey of 
David Finckel and Wu Han"

An Intimate Two-Part Series in
San Francisco Classical Voice

A compelling and intimate two-part feature that takes a deep-dive into the lives and musical partnership of David Finckel and Wu Han, has just been published on the  San Francisco Classical Voice site. 

Writer Mark MacNamara approaches the lives of these remarkable musicians and their indelible contribution to chamber music by weaving together many personal and professional narratives in a uniquely insightful fashion, vividly capturing their "Chamber Music Odyssey." 

It is our pleasure to share their story.

The dynamic duo of chamber music have extraordinary vision and influence. Here's a portrait of these charismatic arts leaders.

They keep their artistic engines running while overseeing thousands of small details from their myriad projects around the globe. Here's part 2, a look inside their world.

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