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TEAM CSSA eNEWS | May 18, 2022
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How do the New Firearm Regulations Affect You?

New regulations effective today, May 18, 2022, require licensed firearm sellers to verify the buyer’s Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) and obtain permission from the RCMP Canadian Firearms Centre (CFC) before transferring one or more Non-Restricted firearms to the buyer.
  • As of May 18th, 2022, the Seller of a firearm MUST obtain a reference number from the CFC before a firearm is transferred to its buyer.
To obtain this reference number, you must:
  • Contact the CFC via 1-800-731-4000, or
  • Use the online portal for individuals if you are an individual, or
  • Use the online portal for businesses if you are transferring a firearm from a business to another business or to an individual
Both portals will operate 24/7, and are accessible through the RCMP’s Firearms Website:
The transfer Reference Number is valid for 90 days and is valid for all Non-Restricted firearms transferred from the seller to the buyer.
The transferor (the seller) requires a separate transfer Reference Number for each buyer.
The date of transfer or physical possession is the day the transferee (the buyer) takes possession of the firearm from the transferor (the seller) OR the date the transferor places the firearm in possession of a licensed shipping company.
Individual Sellers
Individuals are not required to keep records of sale.[i]

Taking a firearm to a storage place (gun store, gunsmith, etc.) is not a transfer under the new regulations. 
Businesses that store firearms must keep a record of all non-restricted firearms in its possession. This is separate and distinct from the transfer record-keeping requirements.
Business Vendors
For mail-order transfers, the buyer must provide the seller with images of both sides of their PAL, along with images of both sides of one other piece of government-issued photo ID.
For businesses, there is no obligation to save the ID images. The business must record the fact that both pieces of ID were seen, correctly identified the buyer, and the validity of the PAL was confirmed by the CFC. This information must be stored for a minimum of 20 years. The government has the option to require a longer period than is currently legislated.
Businesses must give the buyer a record of sale which includes the transferor, transferee, date of transfer, reference number, and the make, model and serial number of the firearm being transferred.
Gun Shows
The web portal operates 24/7, so gun shows will hopefully continue to operate much as they have already, with the added requirement of obtaining a reference number for each transfer made at the gun show through the online portal. An internet connection is required to access the online portal.
The transfer Reference Number is valid for 90 days for all non-restricted firearms transferred from the seller to the buyer.

Once a Transfer Reference Number is Issued
Once a reference number is issued, there is no requirement to notify the CFC that the transfer took place.
For example, in a private sale the proposed buyer provides the required information to the proposed seller, who uses that information to obtain the transfer reference number from the CFC. That reference number remains valid for 90 days between the buyer and seller, even if that specific firearm is not transferred.

Firearm Lending

Section 21 of the Firearms Act states: [ii]
For the purposes of sections 22 to 32, transfer means sell, barter or give.
Section 22 of the Firearms Act states:[iii]
A person may transfer or lend a firearm to an individual only if the person has no reason to believe that the individual
(a) has a mental illness that makes it desirable, in the interests of the safety of that individual or any other person, that the individual not possess a firearm; or
(b) is impaired by alcohol or a drug.
Lending is not considered a transfer by the Firearms Act, therefore a transfer reference number is not required under the new regulations.
Does this mean anti-gun activists will now call for this so-called “loophole” to be closed? Probably, even though lending was intentionally kept out of the definition of “transfer” in the Firearms Act.

Gunsmiths and Storage
Taking a firearm to a gunsmith for repair and/or modification is NOT a transfer under these regulations.

Estate Firearm Sales
For estate firearm sales, it gets a little more complicated because a Possession and Acquisition License is invalidated the moment the individual passes away.
To transfer firearms from an estate to another licensed firearm owner, the executor must call the Canadian Firearm Centre at 1-800-731-4000 and make arrangements through them.

We'll keep you posted as this evolves.

The RCMP’s Notice to Businesses of New Firearm Regulations

Effective May 18, 2022:
(1) The business must record and, for a period of 20 years beginning on the day on which the record is created, keep the following information relating to the business’ possession and disposal of all non-restricted firearms:

(a) the classification of the firearm;
(b) the date and an indication of any business activity related to the possession or the disposal of the firearm, including, if applicable, its purchase, sale, bartering, gifting, consignment, importation, exportation, repair, alteration, deactivation, destruction, manufacture, pawn broking, storage and display;
(c) the firearm’s manufacturer, make, model, type, action, gauge or calibre, barrel length and, in the case of a fixed magazine, magazine capacity;
(d) all serial numbers displayed on the firearm’s frame or receiver;
(e) the name and address of the individual or business to which the firearm was sent, or from which the firearm was received, in the course of any business activity referred to in paragraph (b) other than an activity that relates to a transfer of the firearm, if applicable; and,
(f) if the business caused the firearm to be shipped by another person, the name of the shipper or carrier, their licence number or permit number, if applicable, and the package tracking number of the shipped firearm.

(2) The business must record and, for a period of 20 years from the day on which the business transfers a non-restricted firearm, keep the following information in respect of the transfer:

(a) the reference number issued by the Registrar;
(b) the day on which the reference number was issued;
(c) the transferee’s licence number; and
(d) the firearm’s make, model and type and, if any, its serial number.

(3) The business must, unless otherwise directed by a chief firearms officer, transmit any records containing the information referred to at conditions (1) or (2) above to the Registrar of Firearms if it is determined that the business will cease to be a business.
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Is this the return of the Long-Gun Registry?
I'm unsure


Are you surprised that Trudeau lied to Canadians about bringing back the gun registry?

Yes: 2.6%
No: 97.4%


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The DEADLINE is 11:59 PM Eastern -– June 3, 2022
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EDITORIAL: Going in circles on 'banning' handguns

Since coming into office seven years ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has proposed every conceivable method of "banning" handguns in Canada. His ideas have ranged from legislating a national ban, to providing funding to the provinces to do it,...

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Alberta government says it is fighting a backdoor...

The provincial government says new federal rules on the sale and transfer of non-restricted firearms will do little to reduce gun crime and represents another needless intrusion in the lives of law-abiding citizens. The new federal rules, say...

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UPDATE: Majority of Albertans support federal gun policy ...

Albertans appear to support a national gun policy over provincial regulations. (File photo by The Canadian Press) Canadians want same gun rules across the county More Albertans support a national gun policy over provincial regulations, according...

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New regulations will not end SWF firearm donation...

Despite new regulations to sell or donate firearms, it will not put a stop to the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation's (SWF) firearm donation program. Through their Guns for Habitat program, anyone who has an unwanted non-restricted firearm can...

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GUNTER: The Liberals have sneakily brought back the gun...

The long-gun registry returns starting next week. Oh, I'm sure Trudeau Liberals will claim they are not reviving the convoluted, expensive, controversial, useless registry. After all, they swore up and down before the 2015 election they would...

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Federal Liberals tighten rules on sale of firearms to...

Proposed regulations in Bill C-71 included no obligation for a seller to see if a prospective gun buyer had a valid licence - an omission that sparked criticism from gun-control advocates OTTAWA - The Liberal government has finalized...

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– Club Level Safety Instructor Course –

Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 9 a.m.
Oshawa, ON

Description: This course prepares candidates to train fellow club members (at clubs which the candidate holds a membership) firearm safety.

The Club Level Safety Instructor Course is a review of the ACTS-PROVE method used in the Canadian Firearms Safety Course/Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course. Students will also learn about methods of instruction in firearm safety and topics to be include when teaching at their club.

Length: 8 hrs - this is a classroom only program – NO Live Fire

Prerequisites: Must hold a valid RPAL, be a CSSA member in good standing and have 1 year of shooting experience

If you are interested in attending this course, please email Judith at

– Range Safety Officer Course –

Sunday, May 29, 2022, at 9 a.m.
Oshawa, ON

Description: This is a one-day course designed to train candidates to conduct a safe and informal firing line for the local gun club. It is a generic program for use with sport shooters who are not in a specific discipline. It is not intended to replace any current safe practices but to enhance and refresh all current and future Range Safety Officers and Line Safety Officers in their duties and responsibilities at the local level.

The purpose of this program is to ensure all Range Officers are trained to the same standard, making for an improved shooting experience for our membership.

Length: 6 hrs - this is a classroom only program at this location – NO Live Fire

Prerequisites: Must hold a valid RPAL, be a CSSA member in good standing and have 1 year of shooting experience

If you are interested in attending this course, please email Judith at
Selling firearms requires validation - Ontario OUT of DOORS

Those selling firearms must verify the validity of the buyer's licence and confirm their identity as part of new federal firearm regulations coming into effect next week. Starting May 18, the process will be completed through an online portal...

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Green Party adopts sensible gun control policy -...

Canada's federal Green Party seems poised to move towards sensible, evidence-based firearms regulations, with the party recently approving the "Safe and Accountable Firearms Ownership and Usage" policy proposal. The idea of the typically...

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New regulations will not end SWF firearm donation...

Despite new regulations to sell or donate firearms, it will not put a stop to the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation's (SWF) firearm donation program. Through their Guns for Habitat program, anyone who has an unwanted non-restricted firearm can...

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Trudeau Liberals to lower Indigenous incarceration rate...

The Trudeau Liberals are looking to push legislation that aims to reverse Canada's high rate of Indigenous incarceration in order to address racial inequities. Justice Minister David Lametti told The Globe and Mail that the "magnitude of the...

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– Attention CSSA Members –

Buy Your Guns Before Bill C-71 New Criminalizations... - The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association, the country's main firearm-industry group, urged federally licensed gun users to buy any rifles and shotguns before Bill C-71 's new criminalizations start next week. "CSAAA...

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Complaints made years before N.S. mass shooting were...

Both a retired Mountie and a criminal defence lawyer involved in the public inquiry into Nova Scotia's mass shooting say there was "more than enough" evidence for a search warrant given three public complaints about the gunman over three years.

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Man targeted in shooting earlier this year arrested...

Mounties in Surrey say a man fled from officers during a traffic stop late last month. When they caught up with him the following day, he was carrying a handgun, four kinds of drugs and more than $1,400 in cash.

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50 searches lead to 6 arrests in Mauricie drug raids

A major police operation in Quebec's Mauricie region saw police officers arrest six people and conduct 50 searches in Trois-Rivieres, Shawinigan and Saint-Boniface.

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Pair face charges after 19 firearms seized in raid

Two Winnipeg men face numerous firearms-related charges after a total of 19 firearms were seized in raid on a Fort Garry residence earlier this month. On May 2, the Winnipeg Police's Firearms Investigative Enforcement Unit (FIEU), with the...

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Sudbury has 'serious gun and drug problem,' court hears

'There is a dangerous cancer of gun crime in Sudbury,' judge says Gun violence is a growing cancer in the city, a Sudbury prosecutor and judge warned this week. Ontario Court Justice Louise Serre and assistant Crown attorney Alyssa Caverson made...

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Hundreds of illegally made gun parts seized in online...

A Quebec man who was studying at CFB Borden military base is facing dozens of firearms charges for allegedly selling gun parts on the Internet, police said Tuesday. Some of those parts would allow a user to add an over-capacity magazine to a gun...

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Globe editorial: Fewer guns or fewer criminals? When it...

In one of those coincidences that editorialists like, last week brought simultaneous news stories about stricter firearm registration laws in Canada, and a dog that busted a gun smuggler.

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417 GUN BATTLE: Two wounded in exchange of gunfire on...

Ottawa police are seeking public assistance after a man and a woman were wounded in a shooting Thursday afternoon between two cars travelling along the Queensway. Police said the incident occurred at about approximately 1:20 p.m. on Highway 417...

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Firearms, two recreational vehicles stolen in Pictou...

RCMP in Nova Scotia are investigating a break-and-enter where multiple firearms and recreational vehicles were stolen from a home in Pictou Landing, N.S.

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How do guns end up on Calgary streets? Special police...

City police are slowly gaining a better understanding of how and why guns end up on Calgary streets thanks to their firearms investigative unit. Still, they are unable to determine where about half of the so-called crime guns they recover come from.

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22 Murders

Award-winning investigative journalist Paul Palango’s book on the Nova Scotia mass murders is billed as “A shocking exposé of the deadliest killing spree in Canadian history, and how police tragically failed its victims and survivors.

If you want to know what really happened on April 18 and 19, 2020, read Paul Palango's 22 MURDERS. It will tell you everything the government’s Mass Casualty Commission doesn’t want you to know.

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UN Gun Control Group's Bid to Number, Track Bullets Is...

U.N. gun control plan for numbering bullets would be an invasion of privacy and would set the stage for governments to surveil gun owners.

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NRA-ILA | Follow the Science, Unless it Leads Where You...

Researchers in California have published the results of a study evaluating the effectiveness of so-called "gun violence restraining orders" (a.k.a. "extreme risk protection orders" or "red flag" orders). Assembly Bill 1014, was enacted in...

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"Police in New South Wales are so overwhelmed that Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith told cabinet ministers and senior public servants in a secret briefing 'we're [police] swinging a pool noodle and they've [crime bosses] got guns', Sydney Morning Herald reported."
Why Sydney's turning into a gangster's paradise

Sydney crimes gangs are thriving as bloody battles erupt across the city in the wake of the Covid pandemic Secret briefings by police to top government officials show investigators are powerless to stop the violence There have been 13 deadly...

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Shooters Snubbed From 2026 Commonwealth Games On Home...

Australia has always had strong shooting teams and it seems backwards that we would not go with a sport that has seen us win many medals in both Commonwealth and Olympic competitions. The host cities are now given greater freedom to include...

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PNG police order crackdown on illegal firearms as...

By Miriam Zarriga in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea's policemen and women around the country have been ordered to arrest and charge anyone in possession of illegal firearms - which carries life imprisonment under the amended law - from the May 19...

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NZ Police Betray Our Heritage And Conservation Ideals

By proposing regulations that make it harder for shooting clubs and ranges to operate, along with imposing restrictions on how novices can enter the sport, police are attacking New Zealand conservation ideals and heritage. It has been estimated...

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Anti-firearm violence bill could disproportionately...

She pointed out that pursuant to the bill, the standard conditions of an FPO prohibit an individual from "residing" at any premises where firearms are stored. "Residing" has been defined as staying in such premises for at least 2 days, whether...

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Replenishing US arms supplies a matter of 'urgency' amid ...

The US is expected to amplify its military assistance to Ukraine in the coming days as the Senate is anticipated to pass a bill giving Kyiv billions of additional weapons and military assistance. But the sheer extent of US arms donations has...

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Biden's Plan: Eliminate Gun Dealers, Eliminate Guns

U.S.A. --( Under the Biden-Harris administration revocations of gun dealers' Federal Firearm Licenses (FFLs) have increased a stunning 500%. Under previous administrations, the ATF revoked an average of 40 FFLs per year. But in the...

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Buffalo mayor wants 'sensible gun control' following...

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown (I) said on Sunday that he wants to see more "sensible gun control" following the mass shooting at a supermarket in his city on Saturday that left ten people dead and three others injured. During an appearance on NBC's...

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NY gun shop owner who sold firearm to Payton Gendron...

An upstate gun store owner said Sunday he recently sold an assault weapon to accused Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron - and that he feels "terrible" about the teen's alleged crime. Robert Donald of Vintage Firearms in Endicott, NY, told the New...

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Adams calls for crackdown on ghost gun manufacturer

Ghost guns are sold online as kits of parts and assembled at home. They have no traceable markings or serial numbers. "They have repeatedly, willfully targeted communities with this form of retail supplying of ghost guns," Adams said.

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California under-21 gun sales ban ruled unconstitutional ...

A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday ruled that California's ban on the sale of semiautomatic weapons to adults under 21 is unconstitutional, a move gun-rights advocates hope will pave the way for similar rulings in other courts. The San...

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Ahead of Supreme Court Gun Ruling, Adams 'Very...

With a major gun control decision looming from the Supreme Court, Mayor Eric Adams says City Hall is already strategizing about how the city will contend with an expected win for gun rights supporters. "After what we saw the Supreme Court did on...

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Texas School District Allowing Armed Teachers for...

San Antonio-area La Vernia Independent School District voted this week to allow armed teachers for classroom defense under Texas'swseddsdsw Guardian program. The Texas Association of School Boards sets forth the Guardian program: Under the...

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Startup raises $17 million to develop smart gun

Biofire Technologies has raised $17 million in seed funding to further develop its smart gun, which uses a fingerprint sensor to unlock the trigger. Why it matters: Firearms were the No. 1 cause of deaths for children in 2020, according to new...

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Airing MAY 22, 2022 on CITYTV

This week, Paul Beasley is hunting whitetails with his bow in Saskatchewan. He’s hunting with ‘Stillar’s Western Outfitters’ and has a great week in the deer woods.

‘A direct attack on law-biding gun owners’
Letters to the editor: 'Shocked you're publishing facts...

National Post readers speak out on the issues of the day 'Some ideas can be so traumatic' Re: Erasing Ryerson, and the Henry Dundas hoax, Patrice Dutil, April 27 As a former senior editor of two Toronto newspapers I am shocked that you have given ...

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