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The CSSA is compelled to write this open letter to all of you because your lack of firearms knowledge is so bad you’re embarrassing yourselves. The following facts are presented for your edification.

  • The “AR” in “AR-15” rifle does NOT stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.” It stands for ArmaLite Rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s.

  • The small box that ammunition is stored in to be inserted into the firearm is called a magazine, not a clip. To make it easy, just remember a clip is for your hair, a magazine is for a firearm.

  • There are no assault rifles in Canada, they have been totally banned in Canada since the early 1970s. As defined by the U.S. Army, an assault rifle is a rifle with an intermediate range cartridge, a large-capacity detachable magazine, and selective fire capability. Selective fire means the gun can fire full automatic like a machine gun, or a single shot per trigger press, like all other semi-automatics.

  • There is no such thing as an “assault weapon.” The term “assault weapon” was created by the U.S. gun control organization – the Violence Policy Center – for the sole purpose of muddying the waters between assault rifles (see above) and sporting firearms. There is no legal definition of “assault weapon” in Canada.

  • The C-8 Police Patrol Carbine is an AR-15 with a fancy name. Same gun. Same ammunition. It is absolutely no different than any other AR-15 except for the fancy name. Police may use high-capacity magazines forbidden to civilians, and certain police units may also use C-8s capable of full-automatic fire, making these true assault rifles.

  • Semi-automatic rifles in Canada do not have large capacity magazines. They are, by law, limited to 5 rounds.

  • Lawful firearms owners are subject to a de facto RCMP background check once per day. This is performed by a program the RCMP calls Continuous Eligibility Screening. From the RCMP’s website:

  • Continuous eligibility screening of firearms licence holders. Under the continuous eligibility regime, at any point during an individual's licence validity period, an event could occur that could prompt a review of their eligibility to hold a firearms licence. The Canadian Firearms Information System (CFIS) contains current and historical firearms licence holder data. If a firearm licence holder is involved in an event which could affect their eligibility (as defined by section 5 of the Firearms Act), it is reported by law enforcement via the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database and sent to the relevant CFO for review. An event can also be registered by individuals using the CFP's 1-800 number. A CFO is authorized to investigate the incident to determine if the client remains eligible to hold a licence.
  • Those people prohibited from possessing firearms by the courts (firearm prohibition order) i.e. the bad guys, are not tracked by any police or corrections organization in Canada. That “privilege” is reserved only for those individuals who take the safety course, pass the test and background checks by the RCMP. (See Continuous Eligibility Screening above.)

  • Canada’s firearms legislative framework is one of the strongest in the world. An individual must take a course, pass an exam (both written and practical), pass background investigations by several levels of police, provide 2 references, and wait for months to receive a firearms license.

  • Persons wishing to acquire restricted firearms (like handguns or AR-15s) must take 2 courses and 2 exams, and pass even more stringent background checks and their firearms must be registered.

  • Restricted firearms, such as handguns and AR-15s, may only be fired on federally-licensed shooting ranges. Transport permits are required to take these firearms to the range and home again. Any other movement of these firearms must be accompanied by the appropriate permit.

  • All firearms owners must report a change of address within 30 days or face a possible jail sentence of 2 years. They must also pass daily background checks (see Continuous Eligibility Screening above). No such requirement exists for violent offenders on parole, for those prohibited from possessing firearms or for convicted pedophiles because the Supreme Court said such requirements would violate their civil rights.

  • The AR-15 is NOT a powerful firearm. The power of a firearm does not come from the firearm itself, but from the ammunition cartridge it fires. The cartridge fired by the AR-15 – the 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington, is so weak that most jurisdictions in North America prohibit its use for deer hunting. The cartridge was designed to be small, light and accurate, not powerful.

  • Handguns are not permitted for use for hunting, not because they are not suitable for hunting, but because of government decree. It’s legal to hunt with handguns in many countries around the world, including most states in America.

  • Semi-automatic firearms are not new to Canada. Semi-automatic pistols were common prior to 1900, and the first semi-automatic hunting rifle was manufactured by Winchester in 1907. Four hundred thousand of these were sold before WWII and were produced into the 1950s. Semi-automatic firearms continue to be popular today for hunting and target shooting of all types. A semi-automatic firearm is NOT a machine gun, nor is it any deadlier than any other type of firearm.

  • Conversion of a civilian semi-automatic firearm to full-automatic fire is not a simple task. It requires specific parts illegal in Canada, great technical skill and machining tools. It's also against the law - a person convicted of converting a firearm to full automatic is subject to a 3-year jail term.

  • Military Specifications: a firearm that is built to military specifications means it was built by the lowest bidder and to the minimum quality standard the military was willing to accept. Commercially manufactured firearms are built to much higher quality standards.

  • Optical sights do not make a firearm more deadly – they make the target easier to see. In 2019, most rifles – of all types – have optical sights.

  • The overwhelming majority of handguns used in crime are not sourced in Canada. The Toronto Police Service, the only police force tracking this information, shows only 18.6% of firearms used in crime originated in Canada. Only 9.4% of those were ever in the Canadian Firearms Registry. That means the remaining 9.2% were stolen from police or military services or were unregistered long guns used for criminal purposes. And since the vast majority of criminal shootings are done with handguns, we can assume the number of long guns is extremely small. Did you know, any firearm that is unsuccessfully traced automatically is put into the “originated in Canada” number?

  • Neither StatsCan, the Canadian Firearms Program nor the RCMP track the source of firearms used in crime, not even the firearms owned by police agencies and the military.

We appreciate that journalists and those running for elected office cannot know everything about everything.

If there is information you don't understand about firearms, the odds are that we do! Please contact us at and we will help you.   
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aiming with a handgun
Matt Gurney: The Liberal handgun proposal is breathtakingly stupid

For political reasons, they felt like they had to do something. 'Do something' are the two scariest words in politics

Matt Gurney | National Post | October 2, 2019

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has been under fire over the details of his gun control proposals. Mayors in the Greater Toronto Area are  calling it insufficient . I don’t agree with that. But I would certainly say this: even by the standard of half-baked campaign pledges, the Liberal plan for handguns is breathtakingly stupid.

The Liberal gun control proposal effectively boils down to two major planks, neither of which are really fleshed out in detail yet. The first plank is buying back “military-style assault rifles“ from existing licensed owners. We don’t know exactly what firearms will be covered by the buyback, nor do we have a cost estimate. I think this proposal is silly. Canada does not have the kind of problem seen in the United States, and our existing gun control laws already limit the amount of ammunition that can be held in a rifle magazine. Nor is there any indication that these rifles are major contributors to crime in this country. This is purely a political play, but it is at least a reasonably straightforward one. It is a specific goal, though some details are yet to be defined, and is relatively straight-forward to enact. It won’t make the public safer, but it’s doable.

The handgun proposal, though, is totally bonkers.
LILLEY: Poll shows Trudeau gun control promises firing blanks

Brian Lilley | Toronto Sun | October 2, 2019

It seemed an odd choice, Justin Trudeau spent two precious days in the middle of an election campaign holding events in Toronto and speaking on an issue he should own — gun control. Now we may know why.

Polling on how Canadians view gun crime in Canada and gun control promises from politicians shows that the majority of Canadians — in all regions of the country, across party lines and among men and women — are cynical of what is on offer.

When asked about the source of shootings, 80% of Canadians agreed with the statement that “gun violence and shootings are mainly committed by gangs or criminals with handguns smuggled into the country from across the border.”
crime concept by police line tape with blurred forensic law enforcement background in cinematic tone and copy space
LILLEY: Trudeau goes for fear over facts once again on gun violence

Brian Lilley | Toronto Sun | September 30, 2019

Justin Trudeau held a different kind of town hall on Monday, one designed to try and give a professional stamp of approval on his political policies.

Trudeau gathered in a downtown Toronto hotel with doctors and other health professionals who back his call for banning certain types of guns.

“These are the things that people are calling for,” Trudeau said. “They are concrete actions, not just statements of urgency, because we recognize the public-health emergency that gun violence is becoming, as highlighted by these professionals.”

police hold gun with doctor
Trudeau criticized by ER doctor at campaign event who says handguns plan is the ‘wrong idea’

Victoria Gibson | | September 30, 2019

Justin Trudeau faced criticism from a Toronto emergency physician on Monday morning, as the Liberal leader spoke with a panel of medical professionals about his party’s plan to curb gun violence.

“While I appreciate the efforts that your government has announced, I think the idea of letting cities ban handguns is the wrong idea,” Dr. Joel Lexchin, an emergency physician for Toronto’s University Health Network, told Trudeau at the event in a Toronto hotel.

Lexchin’s criticism was connected to a platform pledge the Liberals announced earlier this month, which said a re-elected Trudeau government would work with provinces and territories to give municipalities the power to restrict or ban handguns.
Latest Liberal attack ad opens fire on legal gun owners

Brian Lilley | Toronto Sun | September 26, 2019

It’s not quite the infamous “Soldiers with guns in our streets” ad but it is close.

The Liberal Party’s latest attack ad warns darkly about the dangers of electing a Conservative government — using images of Bill Blair standing with a collection of vintage guns turned in as part of an amnesty before turning to images of a crime scene complete with police tape and flashing lights.

Blair warns that any gun can make a dangerous situation deadly.

“We’re going to do something about it with stronger gun control laws and a ban on assault rifles,” Blair says as sombre music plays.

The ad then starts to warn that the Conservatives “won’t do what needs to be done.”
Election Ballot Box
Call for action – LET'S GET OUT THE VOTE!

by David Bot

This is one of the most important elections in recent history, and   it has come to our attention that there are many seniors and disabled persons who cannot get out to vote due to mobility issues or lack of transportation. We feel it is unjust that these people, who have contributed the most to this country, are being denied a voice in this election due to their age or physical condition. 

To help remedy this, we are urging you to volunteer your time to provide a means for allowing these people to cast their votes. All that is required is a car ride to and from their respective polling stations or Elections Canada office. This is a volunteer activity and there is no financial compensation associated with this effort.

Help a senior or disabled Canadian vote early and beat the line ups!

Canadians can vote by "Special Ballot" at any Elections Canada office across Canada before Tuesday, October 15 at 6 p.m. You need two pieces of ID, one with your home address on it. Elections Canada offices are open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m.

Canadians can also vote at the Advance Polls Thanksgiving weekend, October 11, 12, 13 and 14, between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. at their assigned polling station.

And, of course, Election Day is Monday, October 21.

For all your Election 2019 questions, please visit Elections Canada .

For absolute clarity, this assistance is not intended to be used to solicit votes for any particular political party. What it is meant to do is to allow those who are qualified to vote to actually cast their ballot where they otherwise would be unable to do so.

If you are interested in participating in this critically-needed effort, please contact your local candidate to coordinate pickup times. We have, for your convenience, provided a quick link to ridings across the country. If your party or riding is missing, you may obtain that information via an Internet search. Locate your local candidate, call them and tell them that you want to help drive voters to the polls. They will be very accommodating.

We’re counting on you, please do your best to help with this effort. IT'S IMPORTANT!

Find your local candidate HERE .
The Northern B.C. murderers used the exact type of rifles Trudeau is hoping to ban

Bob Kronbauer | | September 30, 2019

The RCMP has now released  their report  on the Northern B.C. murder investigation involving two men from Port Alberni. Anyone interested in how the police conducted their investigation should read it.
Heck, every Canadian adult should read it. While it describes a disturbing series of events that hit close to home it’s sensitive to the three victims’ families and mostly details how the investigation went down. It offers a look at how robust this particular operation was.

On Friday we published a piece about how the RCMP had  confessions but no motive  from the killers, Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky.

In the conclusion of the report it’s stated that “Based on the firearms lab results, similar offence pattern, timelines of suspects and admissions from McLeod and Schmegelsky, no other suspects are responsible for the three homicides.
Truth Tracker: Liberal Party's gun control ad shows Conservatives holding firearms, but Liberals have, too

Sarah Turnbull/Nicole Bogart | | September 27, 2019

OTTAWA - A new advertisement pushed out on Thursday by the Liberal Party to advocate for increased gun control shows a number of Conservative candidates holding or firing guns, with added voiceover that the Tories "Won’t do what needs to be done" to protect Canadians from firearms.

The video, which also airs as a radio advertisement, starts with images of former Toronto police chief and the minister responsible for tackling organized crime, Bill Blair, touting his party’s new policy measure announced last Friday to ban "military-style" assault rifles from public use.
Liberals pledging more new money to camping than combatting gun crimes

The Canadian Press | The Globe and Mail | September 29, 2019

A re-elected Liberal government would spend more new money on a camping program for children than on new programs to combat gun crimes in Canada, according to the party’s election platform.

In the platform, released on Sunday, the Liberals say they would spend $525-million more over four years for a proposed learn-to-camp program and an extra $400-million over four years for initiatives aimed at reducing gun violence.

The distinction is bringing fresh charges from the Conservatives that the Liberals’ priorities are “backward," but gun-control advocates say the investment in a buyback program for military-style assault rifles shows “serious political will.”

Editor's Note –

No Canadian has been murdered with an AR-15.
That makes 20,075 days in a row.  

The AR-15 has being a TARGET RIFLE since 1964.
Did You Know
Firearm ownership in Canada:

  • 2.2 million licensed firearm owners.

The number of licensed firearm owners increases every year.

Recreational firearm users contribute:

  • $8.5 billion spent annually in recreational shooting activities

Canadians benefit from recreational shooting:

  • 47,500 jobs are supported 
  • $5.9 billion is generated in GDP
  • $2.868 billion generated in labour income

Sources: The Conference Board of Canada; Statistics Canada; RCMP, 2017 Commissioner
of Firearms Report
Gunshot handgun Guns and ammunition_ 11 mm on the table.
BRAUN: Federal parties target guns and gangs

Liz Braun | Toronto Sun | September 29, 2019

There have been about 350 shootings in the GTA this year, generating dozens of bodies and an ever-increasing level of mayhem and fear.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders says that most of the shootings are gang-related; he also says the problem is not going to be fixed by policing alone: “To think we can arrest our way out of this is a falsehood.”

Community violence expert Dexter Voisin, dean of Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto, echoes Saunder’s thoughts on gang shootings.

Liberals accuse gun group of violating election ads laws, ask for investigation

Joan Bryden | | September 25, 2019

The Liberals have filed a complaint about advertising by the Canadian Shooting Sports Association during the federal election campaign.

Liberal candidate  Adam Vaughan  wrote Wednesday to elections commissioner Yves Cote, asking that he investigate nine online videos, produced by the association in English and Mandarin, urging gun owners to vote and warning that their right to own firearms is at stake.

The association says the ads are already running on two television networks.
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Conservative Hunting and Angling Caucus
Conservatives Promise to Re-Establish Hunting and Angling Advisory Panel | September 29, 2019

Calgary, Alberta – Michelle Rempel, Conservative candidate for Calgary Nose Hill, spoke today in Calgary about the Conservatives’ plan to give hunters and anglers a voice in protecting Canada’s natural habitats by re-establishing the Hunting and Angling Advisory Panel.

“The Trudeau Liberals cut the Hunting and Angling Advisory Panel and chose to lose touch with what is happening in our local communities,” said Rempel. “Canada’s hunters and anglers make significant contributions to the preservation of species and habitats and can offer valuable advice on the stewardship of Canada’s wildlife.”

“Justin Trudeau and his Liberal team have ignored much of the important work that is being done in local communities to protect, conserve, and manage our environment due to their “Ottawa knows best” approach,” said Rempel.

Champ Harding Responds to Trudeau | September 28, 2019

Canadian National Pistol Champion  Allan Harding  is speaking out against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s election-campaign threats to jail hundreds of thousands of sport shooters, farmers and hunters unless they surrender their guns.

“More than anything, my concern is: Where does this stop?” Harding, a two-time national gold medalist in 50-metre pistol, told on Sept. 27 from his home near Vancouver.

The top shooter also pushed back against Trudeau on Twitter in a reply that has 80,000 views.

Appalled and Anxious

Federally licensed firearm owners across Canada are appalled and anxious at the mass confiscations, expulsions, or incarcerations  Trudeau outlined  Sept. 20 if his Liberal Party wins next month’s election.
Justin Trudeau demonstrates his firearm handling skills. Please note the finger on the trigger and aiming at the woman's head!
New Club at Algonquin Seeks to Clear Misinformation Surrounding Guns and Gun Ownership

Qadeer Popal | Algonquin Times | September 28, 2019

The Algonquin Firearms Club is set to receive official club status after a similar club has been successfully launched at Carleton University.

The club’s founders, Patrick Gauthier, an electrical engineering technology student, and Kelvin Jiang, a business marketing student, want the club to teach students about firearm ownership in Canada as well as provide a hands-on experience.

“The goal of the club is to demystify firearm ownership in Canada, and promote new experiences to people,” Gauthier said. The club hopes to organize trips to a gun range for students to practice safe firearm use. “People really sign up for the experience, not all the boring talk.”

Criminal and robbery concept. Robber pulls out a gun tucked in his jean.
ANALYSIS: Liberal gun control may miss mark on Saskatchewan firearm crime

David Baxter | | September 26, 2019

In response to rising amounts of gun-related crime nationwide, the Liberal Party plans on rolling out tougher  gun control  laws if re-elected.

Two of their key points are a ban on “military-style assault rifles,” like the AR-15, and giving municipalities the ability to  ban handguns .

Vancouver’s mayor has said  he’d pursue a handgun ban,  as that city and Toronto have seen surges in gun crimes involving these weapons.

But what about Saskatchewan? Gun crime is on the rise here too. In Regina for example, police recorded 51 violent gun incidents between Jan. 1 and July 31 in 2015. In the same time period this year, there were 108 incidents.
Prime Minister of New Zealand
PM Jacinda Ardern responds to 13-year-old girl's plea over AR-15 rifle ban | October 1, 2019

A 13-year-old Waikato girl has sent a letter to the prime minister criticising the government's decision to ban the rifles she used for sport shooting.

Maddy Millen-Turner says she competed in three gun and multi-gunning events under her father's gun licence, with an AR-15 rifle purchased for her 13th birthday.
She said it was something she had always wanted to do.

"I've always wanted to do competitions with my dad with shooting and then on the Sika Show in Taupō he got me my birthday present which was an AR-15 rifle," she said.

She said the AR-15 rifle, which is one of the kinds banned under the new gun laws, could be used for hunting or competition shooting.
Gun_ pistol inside forbidden sign_ 3D rendering isolated on white background
Handgun ban not on radar of mayors in Kelowna area

Ron Seymour | | September 24, 2019

The mayor of Vancouver may be willing to ban handguns, but his Kelowna-area counterparts are noncommittal on the subject.

If the federal Liberals win re-election next month, the party has promised to give Canadian municipalities the power to ban handguns.

“It’s not something that council has discussed and there are no plans to at the moment,” Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran wrote Tuesday in an email from Vancouver, where B.C.’s local politicians are gathered for the annual Union of B.C. Municipalities convention.

“This is a conversation that council has not had. Therefore, I am not in the position to comment on this topic,” said West Kelowna Mayor Gord Milsom.
Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police
Statement by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Regarding the Control of Firearms in Canada and the Impact of Gun Violence on our Communities

The use of firearms in the commission of a crime is an issue all Canadians are concerned about. As Ontario’s police leaders, we listen carefully to members of all of our communities and work with community leaders and public policy-makers on proactive measures to ensure everyone in Ontario can live and work safely in their communities without fear.

The OACP also recognizes that many Ontarians are responsible gun owners. Ontario’s police leaders support a prohibition on all military-designed assault rifles.

In our view, these weapons have no place in our communities and should be reserved for use by Canada’s military and law enforcement. 

As CSSA members are automatically subscribed to MarketPlace, we do wish to offer those who DO NOT wish to receive this service an opportunity to unsubscribe.

Should that person be you, shoot us an email at: .

Friday, October 18, 2019
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Nearly 250 arrests in first six weeks of anti-gang project, Toronto police say

The Canadian Press | National Post | September 30, 2019

Toronto police say they made close to 250 arrests in the first six weeks of a project aimed at curbing gang activity, including 12 people who were re-arrested while on bail for firearms offences.

Police Chief Mark Saunders gave an update today on Project Community Space, which launched in August after the force received funding from all three levels of government.
He says the program has been “extremely effective” in increasing community safety, gathering intelligence and making arrests.

Saunders says officers laid 525 charges as part of the project so far, with firearms-related offences accounting for 35 per cent of the charges, failure to comply with bail conditions making up 17 per cent and violent offences such as assault and sexual assault representing 11 per cent.
Nunavut Flag
Nunavut appeal court to rule on mandatory sentences for first-time firearms offenders

Judges had said four-year minimums amount to cruel and unusual punishment

Thomas Robner | Special to Nunatsiaq News | September 25, 2019

In two potentially precedent-setting cases, the Nunavut Court of Appeal will decide if two Nunavut judges erred in 2018, when they ruled that four-year mandatory minimum prison sentences were unconstitutional when applied to young, first-time Inuit firearms offenders.

More than 30 people packed into the gallery of courtroom No. 2 at the Nunavut Court of Justice in Iqaluit for the hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 17. The spectators included about two dozen students from Nunavut’s law program, along with other Nunavut judges and lawyers.


Airing October 6, 2019 on CITYTV at 8:30 a.m. EST
Kevin Beasley is bear hunting at 'Muskeg Country Outfitters' in Southwestern Manitoba with good friend Dennis Laporte. They have some amazing encounters with big bears and even some colour phases.

Forensic science expert examining gun collected at a crime scene
Opinion –

Spencer Fernando | | September 26, 2019

“Gun crime in Canada is on the rise. In 2017 there were 2,500 more victims of gun violence than in 2013…”

So begins the text of the Liberals all-out attempt to distract from Justin Trudeau’s blackface debacle.

The Liberals have made a big deal of their “gun control” measures, with all their MPs, social media boosters, and media allies relentlessly pushing out their talking points.

The Liberals are doing everything possible to change the channel, and they are willing to demonize and criminalize law-abiding Canadian firearm owners to do it.
Meanwhile, they’re giving gangs a free pass.

Bermuda Flag Pixabay

Opinion –
What Bermuda’s 50-year-old gun ban can teach Canada

Angela Wright | The Globe and Mail | September 27, 2019

It’s become a tragic ritual: Whenever gun violence strikes, there is a conversation about gun control.

And in that conversation, certain “success stories” invariably come up. After 35 people were killed in the Tasmanian city of Port Arthur in 1996, Australia banned certain guns, established a registry and implemented tighter restrictions. The firearm homicide rate dropped by about 42 per cent in the seven years afterward. Canada, too, is often cited as a haven, especially compared with the United States.

But Canada saw 249 gun-related killings in 2018. And Toronto – where a fifth of those killings occurred – endured another spate of violence this summer evoking fears of 2005’s “year of the gun.”
Letter to the Editor –
The Gun Violence Answer

Dan Naylor | Ottawa Sun | September 30, 2019

Re: Governments must work together on gun control, Sept. 23

So Jim Warren and his progressive pals want to ban handguns. So simple and easy. Just say the word and gun crime will disappear overnight. No, Jim. Many American cities, such as Chicago and Washington, D.C., as well as entire states have strict gun laws. This year was a particularly violent one in the Windy City. Gun bans don’t stop criminals and encourage them to commit crimes in gun-free zones, like Sandy Hook.

Canada shares an essentially open border with our great gun-friendly U.S. neighbour. Yanks own an astonishing 120 civilian firearms per 100 persons. That’s higher than war-torn Yemen (53)! Canada is at 35/100, BTW. Even a (oh, horror!) border wall could never stop the flow of guns from the U.S., as most of Ontario, as well as Canada’s coastal areas, share a porous, smuggler-friendly water border with the U.S.

Cochrane Gun and Sportsman Show

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Medicine Hat Gun & Antique Show & Sale

Medicine Hat Stampede Grounds
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West Elgin Gun Show

Rodney Recreation Centre
135 Queens Linde
Rodney, ON

PLEASE NOTE: As shows may be subject to change or cancellation, please check with your local gun show coordinator before heading out. Thank you.
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