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Team CSSA E-News | September 6, 2019
How Voting PPC Could Re-Elect a Liberal
in Central Nova

In over 50 electoral districts, Election 2019 is a coin-flip. 

Central Nova, in Nova Scotia, is one of those coin flips. It’s also a riding where the PPC (People's Party of Canada) voters could be the deciding factor and deliver this riding into the hands of the Liberal Party.

The latest projections from poll aggregator  show the Conservatives lead is a mere 0.5%. The PPC is polling at 3.8%, more than enough extra to ensure a Conservative victory. i
Wouldn’t it be awesome to send first-term Liberal MP Sean Fraser into early retirement without a gold-plated pension? 

It may not happen if PPC voters insist on voting for a candidate who cannot win in this riding. Those voters, an estimated 3.8% of voters in this riding, could turn a one-term wonder into a two-term MP who will work hard to take away your guns. 

That doesn’t serve Nova Scotian firearm owners. That doesn’t serve Canadians.

If PPC voters insist on splitting the vote, the only thing they will accomplish in Central Nova is re-electing a Liberal MP.

One of two men will be prime minister on October 22, 2019, and it won’t be PPC leader Maxime Bernier. That’s guaranteed.

But whether it’s the man who wants to take away your guns or the one who doesn’t is still unknown. 
The PPC’s vote-splitting in this riding could help deliver Trudeau a second term in office, something no Canadian can afford. 

The only way to block a Liberal from being elected in Central Nova in October is to vote Conservative.

When we say “Voting PPC elects Liberals” this is exactly what we mean. 

We look forward to the next time that Parliament is sitting – hopefully under a Liberal government – where we will be able to introduce further measures to strengthen measures against guns.”
—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Toronto, August 13, 2019 
Source: CTV News ii

There are some weapons, quite frankly, in my opinion, that are so dangerous that there really is no place in a safe and civil society for them, and I think there are measures we can take to make those guns just generally unacceptable and inaccessible.”
— Minister Bill Blair
June 18, 2019
Source: Global News iii


Survey Clipboard Ask Questions Answer Poll Word 3d Illustration
Do you see the People's Party as a viable alternative?
Results from our last survey question...
Have the police leaders seen the light about firearms issues?

Yes: 29.5%
No: 22.8%
Maybe this time: 47.7%

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In The News
Toronto city hall and Toronto Sign in downtown at twilight_ in Toronto_ Ontario_ Canada

SIOBHAN MORRIS | Siobhan Morris | | September 4, 2019

For the Chief of Toronto Police, there is no question--there are more people walking around carrying guns than before.

After a summertime spike in shootings, NEWSTALK 1010 wanted to find out how easy it is to get an illegal weapon on the streets of the Greater Toronto Area.

Yonah Budd, host of NEWSTALK 1010's Straight Talk was confident he could line up a gun through contacts he's made in decades working as a private investigator, crisis intervention specialist, and prison chaplain. He reached out to several people and told them he was curious about the gun buying process but would not necessarily purchase one.

Less than five hours after his first phone call, a connection was made and Budd says he was looking at five guns in a stranger's SUV parked at a big box store mall at 2:30 p.m. on a weekday.
Gun with ammunition on wooden background.
WARMINGTON: Illegal guns have become easy to buy in Toronto

Joe Warmington | Toronto Sun | September 4, 2019

A gun trafficker showing his illegal product line in a big-box store parking lot in broad daylight? That’s the new reality in Toronto.

Even Mayor John Tory told reporters he was not surprised.

If you look at the year 2019, it actually make sense that a local radio talk-show host could — in just a little more than five hours — get hooked up with a seller of guns and meet to look at the merchandise.

It was a journalistic enterprise that shined a light on the ugly problem. Guns and shootings are common place in Toronto now.
Saskatoon gun range won’t allow shootout between political candidates

Stephanie Taylor | The Canadian Press | September 4, 2019

SASKATOON – The Saskatoon Wildlife Federation has doused plans for two People’s Party of Canada candidates to settle a debate dispute at its shooting range.

Saskatoon-Grasswood candidate Mark Friesen took to social media over the weekend promoting a shootout with fellow candidate Guto Penteado, who’s running in the riding of Saskatoon-University.

In a video, Friesen says the target competition would determine who would represent the party at an upcoming debate hosted by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.
Shooting_ gun_ man

Tessa Lupkowski | | August 31, 2019

The 19th annual Darwin Reid Memorial Hunt kicks off today at the Portage Country Club.
Jim Fisher, Senior Director of Canadian Conservation and Hunting Policy, explains the two day event is a way to introduce youngsters to the world of hunting.

"The first day we do all kinds of safety reviews, gun handling, ultimately leading to them actually shooting and learning how to be an effective shot," says Fisher. "We do talk a lot about conservation, we talk about the myriad of ducks and geese that come through Delta Marsh in the fall. We talk about dogs and their importance of retrieving birds, we do calling techniques and decoy setups and all that good stuff."

Fisher says tomorrow morning will be an early start, with the kids waking up before the crack of dawn to head out to the fields or Delta Marsh to try their hand at shooting some birds.

Championships build on the legacy of the Pan Am Games

Miriam King | Barrie Today | September 2, 2019

The Toronto International Trap and Skeet Club in Innisfil had a total make-over in 2015, when it hosted the Pan American Games shooting competitions.

Renamed the TTS/Pan Am Legacy Shooting Centre, the hope was that investment in the facility would create future opportunities to host national and international competitions – a hope that has been realized.

This week the shooting range, located on 5 Sideroad near Cookstown, hosted the 2019 Canadian National Olympic Championships, Canadian National Trapshooting Championships and national team selection trials, Aug. 26-Sept. 1.

Between 147 and 157 competitors from across Canada took part in the championships, in small-bore rifle, pistol, and trapshooting.

Four members of the Canadian Trapshooting team, just back from the Pan American Games held in Lima, Peru, last month, were among the participants.
Canadian authorities in Ontario have stopped 231 guns from entering country so far this year

Firearms seized at multiple ports of entry

MAmber Ainsworth | | September 5, 2019

ONTARIO - So far this year, officers with the Canada Border Services Agency have seized 231 firearms that people were trying to bring across the border of the southern Ontario region.

The guns were seized from multiple ports of entry between Jan. 1 and Aug. 30. Last year, 305 guns were seized, and 235 were seized in 2017.

The agency released information about several seizures this year:

A vehicle was referred to secondary for examination at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie on March 11. During the examination, BSOs discovered 12 undeclared handguns concealed inside the vehicle along with 11 prohibited over-capacity magazines. All firearms and magazines were seized. A  United States  resident was charged by the CBSA.
Walmart to Limit Ammunition Sales and Discourage ‘Open Carry’ of Guns in Stores

Michael Corkery | The New York Times | September 3, 2019

Walmart stepped forcefully into the national gun debate on Tuesday, saying it would stop selling ammunition that can be used in military-style assault rifles, would discourage its customers from openly carrying guns in its stores and would call on Congress to increase background checks and consider a new assault rifle ban.

One month ago, a gunman killed 22 people at a Walmart store in El Paso, a massacre that put pressure on the company to respond to the wave of mass shootings across the country. It is the nation’s biggest retailer, and a large seller of firearms and ammunition.

Walmart said it made the announcement after weeks of discussion and research about how best to respond. The decision is in line with public opinion polls that favor more gun controls, and advocates, gun violence victims and others have increasingly called for action.
Closeup shot of an automatic gun resting on a wooden floor is black and white.
6 weeks into its gun buy-back program, New Zealand encountering some challenges

The Associated Press | | September 3, 2019

Military-style, semi-automatic weapons banned after Christchurch mosque shootings

Some New Zealand gun owners are upset they're being compelled to hand over their assault weapons for money. Others believe a government-imposed ban on certain semi-automatics following a March shooting massacre is the best way to combat gun violence. And The Associated Press has found at least one man may have tried to swindle hundreds of thousands of dollars from the system set up to compensate gun owners.

New Zealand is six weeks into an ambitious program to buy tens of thousands of guns from owners across the country. Nearly six months ago, after a lone gunman killed 51 people at two Christchurch mosques, the government rushed through new laws banning military-style semi-automatics in a move that's being closely followed around the world.


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Gunshot handgun Guns and ammunition_ 11 mm on the table.
Caliber, cartridges, and bump stocks: guns, explained for non-gun people

Dylan Matthews | | September 4, 2019

As new gun control plans fly, here’s a guide to the weapons at the heart of the debate.

This past Saturday brought yet another mass shooting in the United States, yet another push for aggressive gun control from presidential candidates and the public alike, and reminders from President Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) that they will resist efforts to implement new background checks or gun limitations.

Gun control supporters are getting more ambitious in their rhetoric; presidential candidate and former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke told a reporter that under his plan, if you own an AK-47 or AR-15, “you’ll have to sell them to the government.” That promises new debates about banning “assault weapons,” and with them discussions about what an “assault weapon” even is.

GUN BAN red Rubber Stamp over a white background.
Beto's Impossible Gun Ban Dreams

J.D. Tuccille | | September 4, 2019

A growing number of prominent Democrats want owners of "assault weapons" to surrender them to the government. History says most people will ignore any such law.

Maybe Beto O'Rourke, the long-shot presidential hopeful (polling in the low single digits), didn't get the memo about soft-pedaling gun control advocacy as "common sense" proposals, or maybe he's making a desperate move to revive his faltering bid for the Democratic nomination. Either way, he announced over the weekend that under a hypothetical O'Rourke administration, "Americans who own AR-15s, AK-47s, will have to sell them to the government."

Like prohibitionists of the past, O'Rourke has yet to come up with a credible scheme for getting people who oppose restrictive laws to obey them. But in his open call for confiscation of so-called "assault weapons"—semiautomatic rifles classified largely according to cosmetic characteristics—O'Rourke isn't alone.


Airing September 8, 2019 on CITYTV at 8:30 a.m. EST
Paul Beasley is hunting with his father Ken at 'Hillsport Hilton', in Northern Ontario. They're hunting hard with their crossbows and have some great encounters with some nice bruins.

Silhouette of a hunter with a gun in the reeds against the sun_ an ambush for ducks with dogs
Evan Saugstad: Owning guns in Canada is nothing like it used to be

Evan Saugstad | Alaska Highway News | September 5, 2019

On my 14th birthday, I bought my first gun, a beautiful lever action Marlin 30-30. I had to sell my skis and use most of my savings to get the $100 for the gun, a box of shells, and still have enough left over for licence and tags. I still have that gun.

Guns and hunting have been part of my life for 50 years. Most every weekend during hunting season in my teenage years would find me out wandering the mountains near home, looking for a deer or mountain goat, mostly with my brother who was one year older. Even though we weren’t technically old enough to hunt by ourselves, we did. We had been taught how to use guns and with our parents’ permission, off we went.
Assault Weapons Registry ... Any Gun Registry ... Don't Do It

Nancy Smith | Sunshine State News | September 5, 2019

The cockamamie suggestion of an assault weapons registry is back in the public conversation. That's a good thing. Thank you, state economists -- you've given me a chance to beat my drum for the Second Amendment
Meeting Tuesday in Tallahassee, a panel of Florida economists weighed the burden of a proposed constitutional amendment that aims to ban assault weapons -- but grandfather in the guns already circulating, as long as their owners register them with the state.

I'm talking about a gun registry. 
The unsavory practice of the government taking names and compiling lists. 
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Guns arsenal collection_ close-up of guns and their grips
Gun problems, or a cultural one?

Geoff Johnson | The Daily Courier | September 2, 2019

Last week, in the latest U.S. mass shooting at a local St. Louis high school’s football jamboree, eight-year-old Jurnee Thompson was shot and killed. The child was described in the media as “an innocent bystander” and in a public statement the local police chief said “she had done nothing wrong.”

The almost acquiescent, world-weary “just another school shooting” thinking behind both of those extraordinarily insensitive statements is chilling. They reveal an increasingly anesthetized state of mind about the death by gun of an eight-year-old “innocent” child.
Letter to the Editor –

Handgun ban wouldn’t stop gun crime

Edward White | Vancouver Sun | September 5, 2019

In response to a recent letter suggesting that a viable solution to reducing handgun violence in Canada would be to remove such firearms from law-abiding owners, leaving them solely in the hands of law enforcement.

Such a move would, at best, serve as an emotional bromide with no resulting increase in public safety. Licensed firearms owners are statistically less likely to violate the law than the average Canadian.

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