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Last week, we discussed – some say ridiculed – the New Zealand police for begging criminals to comply with the law. We thought this was a one-time aberration from the New Zealand’s Commissioner of Police and he would get back to doing his job – arresting criminals and putting them behind bars.

We were wrong.

New Zealand’s decision to pander to criminals instead of arresting them gained traction around the world.
In Sweden, rival drug gangs clash violently as they battle over turf – much the same as they do in every major city in North America.

And what is the crime-fighting tactic of choice for Sweden’s Malmö Chief of Police Stefan Sentéus? [i]

He invited gang leaders for a “friendly chat” to discuss how their life choices were negatively impacting their chances of staying alive. He even bought pizza as an incentive to get them to show up for the November 12th meeting.

It seems to have worked. “Operation Snowflake” saw 9 of 12 gang leaders show up for the free meal – but none of these violent criminals were arrested. Not one.

“Most of the gang members are unemployed young men under 30 years of age, with immigrant backgrounds, living in deprived neighbourhoods, who have failed to fully integrate into the Swedish way of life. [ii]

“So rather than admit the failure of its immigration and integration policies and the negative impact on their globally-celebrated humanitarian credentials, the Swedes try to spin it with yet another ill-conceived liberal approach of embracing criminals, in the hope that they’ll start feeling all warm and fuzzy and stop killing one another along with innocent bystanders.”

Neighbouring Denmark, in response to the escalating violence in Sweden, re-instated border controls in an effort to keep the gang violence out of their country.

Here in Canada, while we didn’t offer to buy Toronto’s gang leaders pizza and a Coke, Mayor John Tory did take a giant leap into the Land of Stupidity nonetheless.

Mayor Tory proclaimed November 13th as “Toronto Kind Day” because kindness, not free pizza or begging by police chiefs, is the best way to end gang violence fuelled by the illicit drug trade. [iii]

Happy to proclaim today as # TorontoKind Day in the @CityofToronto as a reminder for us all to be kind to one another. Toronto is known around the world for our way of life here, something we can protect and celebrate through acts of kindness and compassion. # WorldKindnessDay

Now, in case those who hate us and the way of life we fight to protect 365 days a year dare misunderstand, we fully support being kind to one another. We don’t need fancy proclamations from disingenuous mayors to do it, either.

The only way we will ever end the gang violence plaguing Toronto or Malmö or Christchurch is by holding violent criminals responsible for their actions.

Only when we make the cost of their violent “life choices” too high will they change their behaviour. That means arresting them, taking away their illegal guns and removing them from society for as long as we can.
Begging by police chiefs will not stop these violent gang members from shooting up our cities.

No amount of free pizza will either.
And John Tory’s “Toronto Kind Day” proclamation?

That’s just the latest in a long line of asinine ideas to come out of Toronto City Hall.
It won’t stop a single shooting. It won’t take a single gun out of the hands of a single gang member.

But it does send the all-important virtue signal that Toronto is a “kind” city… so long as residents and visitors alike do as John Tory does – ignore violent criminals they refuse to lift a finger to stop – and blame federally-licensed and RCMP-vetted gun owners instead.


Survey Clipboard Ask Questions Answer Poll Word 3d Illustration
Does John Tory's "Hug-a-Thug" gang policy have any chance of working?

 Results from last week's survey question...

Will police efforts to take guns away from gangs & organized crime work in countries like ours?

Yes:  5%
No:  95%

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Sport gun leader lauds new Public Safety Minister Bill Blair for “common sense” over handgun decision.

Tim Naumetz | | November 20, 2019

The headline on this story was changed by to clarify Tony Bernardo’s view on Bill Blair

One of Canada’s leading firearm rights advocates has given qualified approval of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to name former police chief Bill Blair as the government’s new public safety minister following Ralph Goodale’s surprise defeat in last month’s general election.

Blair, who essentially took over some of Goodale’s tasks as public safety minister in the last government, was at the centre of the Liberal gun control platform for the election as Trudeau’s border security and organized crime reduction minister.

But despite heavy pressure from gun control advocates for an outright ban on handguns in big cities facing rising firearm violence, Blair signalled as early as last May he thought a sweeping ban on handguns would be too costly and also damaging for thousands of sport shooters and competitive shooting clubs that include Olympic competitive levels.
The gun for peace
Gun-control advocates want other cities to follow Montreal's lead

City council unanimously adopted an opposition motion asking the re-elected Liberal government to ban assault weapons and handguns

Marian Scott | Montreal Gazette | November 20, 2019

Gun-control advocates are hoping other Canadian cities will follow Montreal’s lead in calling on the federal government to ban privately owned assault weapons and handguns.

On Monday, city council unanimously adopted  an opposition motion  asking the re-elected Liberal government to ban those weapons, prohibit their importation and manufacture, and enforce the ban.

“We were very happy to see that the administration supported us,” said Ensemble Montréal Leader Lionel Perez, who proposed the motion.

“We believe that it reaffirms Montreal’s leadership across Canada on this issue,” he said.
Shooting range. Shooting with a gun. The woman shoots from the gun at the shooting range under the supervision of an instructor.
Crime driving increased interest in gun training in Red Deer area

More women learning how to shoot

Susan Zielinski | Red Deer Advocate | November 19, 2019

More central Albertans — including women — who are worried about crime want to learn how to pull the trigger to protect themselves, says the president of a Red Deer-area indoor shooting range.

Derek Bostock, president and CEO of Red Deer Shooting Centre in McKenzie Industrial Business Park, said his business does not advocate that people respond to crime by pulling out a gun, but he has received lots of calls lately from people wanting to learn to use guns for self defence.

“I started this business not for self defence. I started this business for the sport shooters, hobby guys and the casual hunters. Now, we’re seeing it evolve,” Bostock said.

Fantino is a former federal cabinet minister, commissioner of the OPP and chief of the Toronto, York Region and London police services.
FANTINO: To fight gun crime, start with the elephant

Julian Fantino | Toronto Sun | November 18, 2019

The headlines, expressions of outrage, tears of helplessness and usual political platitudes have become the all too frequent responses to now routine occurrences of gunplay and gang activity in the GTA.

But, until political and community leaders and citizens work up the courage to delve deeply into the who and why behind this mindless reign of terror, meaningful solutions to violence on our streets will continue to elude us.

I believe there is a cause and effect contributing to the madness.

With every cultural, business and societal evolution, there is always an identifiable tipping point – a time and circumstance when significant change, good or bad can be pinpointed.
Ontario needs the help of hunters to keep a fatal wildlife disease out of the province

Karina Hunter | | November 17, 2019

The Ontario government is seeking the help of hunters as it takes steps to ensure sustainable wildlife populations and continued hunting opportunities for future generations. 

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is an untreatable brain disease that affects members of the deer family including white-tailed deer, elk, moose, and caribou. It has not been found in wildlife in Ontario and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry aims to keep it that way.

The ministry is currently conducting the annual CWD surveillance program, which helps to detect the disease and minimize the risk of it entering the province. During the firearms hunt, ministry staff will canvas surveillance areas and visit local hunt camps. Hunters can help by giving staff permission to remove a small amount of tissue from the deer head for analysis. 
B.C. man arrested again for firearms trafficking after border officials intercept packages

Bradley Michael Friesen previously served time for selling gun parts and silencers online

CBC News | November 19, 2019

A B.C. man is back in custody for firearms trafficking, shortly after having been freed on parole following a similar offence. 

Bradley Michael Friesen, 40, was arrested last Thursday and his home in Hope, B.C., was searched after investigators were tipped off by the Canada Border Services Agency, who had intercepted and seized three packages being sent to him. 

Each of the packages contained illegal firearms-related items.

This is the second time in five years that Friesen has been arrested by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. (CFSEU-BC), the province's anti-gang agency.
Comment Nation: Handgun bans aren't real leadership

Stephen Ledrew | National Post | November 14, 2019

Our politicians need to get serious about solving the real problem of gun crime.

NOTE: Stephen Ledrew was President of the Liberal Party of Canada from

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Chef Michael Hunter
Antler Kitchen Chef Michael Hunter Opposes Trudeau-Tory Gun Bans

Chef made headlines in 2018 for butchering a deer in front of protesters. | November 16, 2019

Michael Hunter, the owner-chef at  Antler Kitchen and Bar , is speaking out against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Toronto Mayor John Tory’s plans for mass gun bans against hunters, farmers and sport shooters.

Hunter, a hunter who serves wild game,  made international headlines  last year after he butchered a deer in front of vegans protesting his west-end Toronto restaurant and bar.
IIU investigating officer’s careless storage of firearm

Corwyn Friesen | | November 14, 2019

The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba (IIU) is investigating an incident involving the alleged careless storage of a firearm by an on-duty RCMP officer.

On November 7, 2019, RCMP notified the IIU of an incident that occurred on November 1 regarding the unsafe storage of a firearm while the officer was in Winnipeg on a personal matter.

There were no reported injuries or other incidents related to the storage of the firearm. However, the IIU civilian director considers it to be in the public interest for the agency to investigate this incident.

Know the Opposition: Violence Policy Center

Harold Hutchison | Ammoland Inc. | November 15, 2019

United States – -( )- One of the reasons that we are facing a harder fight for our rights is that anti-Second Amendment extremists have gone beyond the misuse of firearms in the commission of crimes and acts of madness as a reason to take away our rights. This strategy, which has become very effective, had its birth with the Violence Policy Center.

Do not let the innocent-sounding name fool you. The Violence Policy Center is responsible for not only creating the “assault weapons” myth that is regularly used to beat Second Amendment supporters over the head, especially in the wake of mass shootings, but it is part of an overarching long-term strategy that is responsible for a paradigm shift in the debate over our rights.
Colorado's Large-Capacity Magazine Ban Is a Colossal Failure

Can't buy it? That's okay, you can easily get the pieces to build one yourself.

by Noah Shepardson | | November 14, 2019

An unintended loophole in a Colorado gun control bill illustrates what happens when lawmakers legislate technology they don't understand: Firearms owners find a way to work around the law without breaking it.

In 2013, the Colorado legislature passed  House Bill 13-1224 , which prohibits the "sale, transfer, or possession of an ammunition feeding device that is capable of accepting, or that can be readily converted to accept, more than [15] rounds of ammunition or more than [8] shotgun shells (large-capacity magazine)." This was a year after  James Holmes  used a semiautomatic rifle equipped with a 100-round drum magazine (among other weapons) to kill 12 people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. The bill grandfathered in old large-capacity magazines that gun owners already had in their possession but forbade new sales or transfers. Then-Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) signed the bill into law on July 1. The law was intended to erase the market for new large-capacity magazines.
National Shooting Sports Foundation

These Are The Best 4 Guns Of 2019 (Who Made the List? Glock? Sig?)

The list is here, straight from the SHOT Show.

by Kyle Mizokami | The National Interest | November 16, 2019

Key point: These are destined for a gun store near you.

The National Shooting Sports Federation’s annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show—or SHOT Show for short—is the number one firearms industry event in America. Held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada, SHOT is a where the industry shows off its newest, most innovative designs. This year is no different, with new firearms destined for the civilian market debuting at the Sands Expo Center. Here are four standouts from this year’s show destined for a gun store near you.

Franklin Armory Providence Non-Semiautomatic Carbine
Perhaps the most unusual—and mysterious—firearm to debut at this year’s SHOT show is Franklin Armory’s  Providence carbine . Although the Providence appears outwardly identical to many AR-15-bsed pistol caliber carbines, internally the weapon is very different--and likely immune to some proposed gun control legislation.

As CSSA members are automatically subscribed to MarketPlace, we do wish to offer those who DO NOT wish to receive this service an opportunity to unsubscribe.

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Calgary gun violence on target for record tally

Shawn Logan | Calgary Sun | November 17, 2019

The number of firearms offences on Calgary streets has already easily overtaken last year’s tally.

A spike in gun violence this summer sparked a wave of community concern, particularly in northeast Calgary, which has experienced most of the citywide uptick in shootings.

According to Calgary police, as of the beginning of October, there have been 76 firearms-related calls in 2019, 46 of which were deemed to be targeted attacks.

Last year, police investigated just 47 firearms incidents, marking something of a departure from previous years. But at its current pace, 2019 could eclipse even 2015’s tally, when a rash of targeted shootings left both police and residents on edge.
Supreme Court refuses to hear challenge to Quebec firearms registry

The Canadian Press | | November 14, 2019

OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada has declined to hear arguments from a pro-gun lobby group aimed at scrapping Quebec's firearms registry.

After Quebec passed legislation in 2016 to establish the provincial registry, the National Firearms Association argued in court that the initiative strayed into federal constitutional jurisdiction. 

In 2017, the Quebec Superior Court ruled the registry was constitutional, given the legitimate provincial role in ensuring public safety.

Photo courtesy of The Reach P13237
Students at old Abbotsford school trained for the war

Philip Sheffield High School had firing range in basement

The Abbotsford News | November 11, 2019
The undocumented history underneath the old Philip Sheffield High School reveals how some students in Canada trained for the Second World War.

The Abbotsford Virtual School, formerly known as Philip Sheffield High School, has a fascinating past beneath its gymnasium.
During the Second World War, the school took a proactive approach. In the event that the conflict came to North America, the school built a firing range in the basement. They did this to ensure that students were prepared to defend Canada.

However, the details of this program have not previously been recorded.

Feral animal invasion in drought leads WA graziers to renew call for access to restricted firearms

Emma Field and Joanna Prendergast | | November 21, 2019

Pastoralists in remote Western Australia battling drought say they need access to high powered, self-loading rifles to better control destructive pests such as camels and wild horses.

Wiluna pastoralist Tim Carmody has shot more than 2,500 camels since the start of this year and more than 7,000 camels and horses since his family took over Prenti Downs Station four years ago.

He said the pests needed to be culled as they caused severe land degradation and competed with stock for water and food.
He said that higher-powered, self-loading firearms would allow for more humane control.

"It's all about the rate of fire, and when you get a mob of 20 to 30 camels you want to shoot them as quickly as you can," Mr Carmody said.


Airing November 24, 2019 on CITYTV
Keith Beasley fulfills a longtime goal of hunting sandhill cranes in Southern Manitoba. Paul Conchatre of 'Birdtail Waterfowl' puts Keith and his guests on the "X" in this hunt for the "ribeye of the sky".

Jack Young, Mayor of Baltimore
CCKRBA to Baltimore Mayor: 'Honest Gun Owners aren't Killing People Either'

CCRKBA – Bio and Archives | | November 15, 2019

BELLEVUE, WA — Responding to Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young’s argument that he isn’t responsible for the city’s rising homicide rate because he’s “not committing the murders,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today fired right back, “Law-abiding gun owners aren’t committing murders, either.”

“Yet Mayor Young and his fellow Democrats continue pushing extremist gun control laws, which only penalize honest firearms owners,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “Universal background checks, which Young supported from the moment he joined ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ two months ago, don’t prevent criminals from getting guns, and he should know that.

Sandy Hook lawsuit could force Remington to open books

A lawsuit against America’s oldest gunmaker is being watched closely

Lisa Marie Pane | ABC News | November 16, 2019

A recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court has upended a longstanding legal roadblock that has given the gun industry far-reaching immunity from lawsuits in the aftermath of mass killings.

The court this week allowed families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre to sue the maker of the AR-15 used in the attack. The case against Remington will now proceed in the Connecticut courts.

Remington is widely expected to win the case, but critics of the gun industry are eyeing what they see as a significant outcome even in the face of defeat: getting the gunmaker to open its books about how it markets firearms.
Cops and police officer badge with macro close up on the  police  text of a  cop badge

Could predictive policing be a useful tool for gun crime here in Canada?

Big Data on the Beat

Predictive policing has arrived

David Black | | Winter 2016

Predictive policing used to be the future,” said career cop William Bratton, “and now it is the present.” In mid-May 2015, Bratton—the visionary former chief of police in Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, and currently again top cop in New York—was talking about his early days as an officer in Boston, about what worked and what didn’t, and about what can work better in the future. That future will involve predictive policing, which Bratton is bringing to New York (a pilot program was launched last summer).

Australian Police Pay 10 Times The Going Rate For AR15 Rifles

Peter Zabrdac | | November 17, 2019

Australia – -( )- In a case of “you can’t have one, but I need one for my own protection”, police in the Australian state of Victoria are set to buy and fit 600 AR-15s for their patrol cars.

At a whopping $28,000 (US) per gun.
National Shooting Council spokesman, Peter Zabrdac, said the  announcement that the government  was going to spend AUD $25m (US $17m) to buy the guns is reportedly being done in the fight against terrorism and gun crime. That works out to AUD $41,000 or US $28,000 per gun.

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