Like air and water, we consider writing essential to the life of teaching. But writing doesn’t get the same love as reading when it comes to conversations around literacy. That’s why nine years ago NCTE members banded together to start the National Day on Writing

We write every single day, but on October 20 we share our writing with the world through a giant social campaign with tweets, blogs, videos, social posts, and more, all tagged with #whyiwrite. 
How will you be celebrating? If you’re looking for more ideas, we’ve got you covered! 
  1. Here are some tips to begin planning your celebration.
  2. Host a Write-In (This resource was developed by Holly Hassel, drawing from resources written with Amy Lueck, Jeff Andelora, and Carolyn Calhoon-Dillahunt.)
  3. Listen to the Why I Write Podcast series. This month we’re adding a classroom connection to each post.
  4. Spread the word by joining our Thunderclap. Donate a Tweet or Facebook post on October 20 to tell the world about #WhyIWrite.
  5. You’re a writer. Your students are too! Contribute a video to the Writer’s Story Campaign and check out the posts people have shared so far. 

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Convention Update
“Alongside the content we have been planning since last fall, we have also enhanced engagement efforts to illustrate the anti-racist teaching work of our members. Today we offer an updated look into the progress being made.”
– Jocelyn A. Chadwick ,
NCTE President and 2017 Program Chair

Read this recent post from Jocelyn about the work of the Local Engagement Committee. You can also listen to an interview with Jocelyn on Education Talk Radio where shares some of the highlights we have planned. 
If you’re curious about what it’s like to be an English language arts teacher in St. Louis right now, Erika Whitfield offers her perspective in this Washington Post commentary. 

“The Vietnam War and the Power of Storytelling” is a newly added session featuring Tim O’Brien, author of The Things They Carried, and Lynn Novick, documentary filmmaker. You won't want to miss this discussion of the PBS documentary film series The Vietnam War, as well as an opportunity for audience questions.
3 Reminders

Member News
“I have listened to my students, who as young teachers or preservice teachers, explain how they have helped their students, their friends, and their families. I am proud of them and of all teachers who respond to the emotional needs of people around them. Not only with this event, but with the waves of sadness and despair that accompany many of their students at different times and as a result of different events.”

Steven Bickmore reflects on the tragedy in Las Vegas and the role authors and teachers play in being “helpers”. 
In the last issue of INBOX we incorrectly spelled the name of Jonna Perrillo, NCTE’s historian. We were referencing her excellent piece “ More than the Right to Read” which appeared in Education Week and on our blog. 
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Get Involved
Explore NCTE's Student Writing Awards
In preparation for the National Day on Writing, consider encouraging your students to write for the Student Achievement Awards if they are juniors and the Promising Young Writers if they are in eighth grade. Visit these links for the 2018 Themed Writing Prompt: Student Achievement and Promising Young Writers . The official application will open in early December. 
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Are you on Instagram? We are, and we want to see what you’re writing! Submit a picture of what writing means to you or you classroom using  #NCTEvillage and  #WhyIWrite to be entered into a weekly contest to win a free Why I Write T-shirt. Two winners will be randomly chosen each week. Here are the pics from last week’s winners: 
Apply to Be on the NAEP Board Deadline: October 31
The board of NAEP (the National Assessment of Educational Progress), which publishes the Nation’s Report Card, is looking for a fourth-grade teacher and an eighth-grade teacher to sit on its board. This is an opportunity to bring teacher voices to the national testing conversation. Learn more