A Letter from the Editor
BOTH OF MY CHILDREN completed their educational journeys this year. My son, Jefferson, graduated with a BS in Finance from LSU, and my daughter, Katherine, completed her Juris Doctorate at Loyola College of Law. Those were positively two of the proudest mom moments in my life to date.

Both of my kids are determined and driven—and they are ready for the ‘real world’ and all that it entails. They have worked hard, and I am confident they are prepared for their respective careers in finance and the legal world.

The June-July issue of Inside New Orleans features a special section called Business & Leadership in which we profile leaders in their fields. I always find it so interesting to learn more about these businessmen and -women and the journeys that got them to where they are today. How they determined what path was right for them. When they were well on their way to success, some were as young as my children are now.

The many works of sculptor Enrique Alférez found throughout the city witness to his success. Don’t miss his story on page 38 as told by new contributor, Leslie Cardé. And Joey Kent continues our celebration of the tricentennial with “ Nouvelle Orleans ” on page 50.

Summer is upon us. If you are looking for a road trip or two, how about Point Clear, Alabama ; Destin, Florida ; and Natchez, Mississippi ? In this issue, learn a bit more about the Grand Hotel experience, dining in Destin and a wonderful bed and breakfast in Natchez.

Enjoy your summer!
-Editor-in-Chief Anne Honeywell
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