VOL. 14, NO. 18
April 30, 2018

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INCOMPAS Files Petition in
U.S. Court of Appeals to Stop FCC Net Neutrality Repeal
Last week, INCOMPAS filed a petition in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (D.C. Circuit) challenging the FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom Order.

The petition notes that in passing its recent Order, the FCC abandoned its long-held, bipartisan jurisdiction to ensure an open internet. The net neutrality principles of no blocking, no throttling, no paid prioritization and strong interconnection policies that were enshrined in the FCC's 2015 Open Internet Order were built upon years of FCC and judicial precedent and were twice upheld by the D.C. Circuit.

During the FCC's rulemaking in 2017, INCOMPAS filed detailed and substantive arguments as to the risks and harms created by Chairman Pai's efforts to end net neutrality. This included harms to consumers, streaming and cloud services, and businesses large and small.

In a press release, INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering and members Dane Jasper, CEO of Sonic, and Gregory Green, CEO of Fatbeam, issued statements. Read more about the INCOMPAS petition in Gizmodo.

Plan Ahead and Save:
The 2018 INCOMPAS Show
Even though registration for The 2018 INCOMPAS Show doesn't open until June, you can start planning ahead and taking advantage of savings.

INCOMPAS members receive significant discounts off registration, as well as exhibit space and meetings rooms. Vendors and providers of professional services can benefit even more with the new Marketplace Membership, which offers an additional $2,500 credit to use toward sponsorships, exhibiting or securing meeting space.

INCOMPAS Show Registration Deals

Mark your calendar for mid-June, when registration opens, and save on full conference rates. And if you're bringing a group of five or more from your company, benefit from discounts of up to $250 off on each registration and other group perks.

For more information, visit The 2018 INCOMPAS Show website. For questions about membership, email Gail Norris or call 240-477-4554. Interested in exhibiting, sponsoring or meeting space options? Email Samantha Edidin or call 312-673-5685.
INCOMPAS Members Meet with Senate Offices to Discuss 5G Network Deployment Barriers 

Last week, INCOMPAS members met with various Senate offices to discuss their efforts to build networks and expand the reach and innovation of broadband services. We also expressed support for actions that would remove barriers to deployment and the development of 5G networks. 

Pictured above (left to right): Marc Hudson, co-founder and CEO, Rocket Fiber; Jeff Strenkowski, vice president and deputy general counsel, Uniti Group Inc.; Angie Kronenberg, INCOMPAS chief advocate and general counsel; Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.); Chip Pickering, INCOMPAS CEO; James Capuano, COO, FirstLight Fiber; Karen Reidy, INCOMPAS vice president of Regulatory Affairs; Roger Fleming for Allstream; and Tyler Newhall, senior associate, Quicken Loans.
BDAC Hosts Meeting on April 25 
At its April 25 meeting, the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee ( BDAC):
The group also discussed the establishment of a process to reconcile the recommendations.