Vol. 16, No. 38
October 19, 2020
INCOMPAS Offers Comment on Caller ID Authentication Progress
Last week, INCOMPAS filed comments on the FCC's public notice regarding the caller ID authentication progress.

INCOMPAS noted that considerable work remains to ensure that all voice service providers can take advantage of robust caller ID authentication frameworks in both the IP and non-IP portions of their networks, and urged the FCC to play an active role in making sure that industry is “addressing all aspects of call authentication.”

Additionally, INCOMPAS said certificate access remains a critical, unresolved issue, as some providers cannot obtain a certificate for intercarrier exchange of authenticated caller ID
information due to an inability to meet the prerequisites of the Governance Authority’s current
token access policy. The indefinite extension the FCC granted to voice service providers that are unable to obtain a certificate is a warranted first step and INCOMPAS encouraged the
FCC to closely monitor this situation to make sure it is resolved in a manner that permits all voice service providers to participate in STIR/SHAKEN. 
Senate Committee to Hold Hearings on Simington Nomination
The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation announced that it will hold a hearing on November 10, 2020, to consider several presidential nominations, including Nathan Simington as FCC commissioner. If Simington is confirmed, he would replace Commissioner Michael O’Rielly, with a five-year term from July 1, 2019.