*** Part One ***

Aloha, Hawaii Republicans:
Right now, local state GOP leaders are in a complete panic and lashing out like crazy because they've been
unmasked by HIRA as liberals -- and the unmasking happened faster than any of their predecessors .  In a bizarre move, Shirlene Ostrov's VERY FIRST DECISION as the new state chair (even before the state convention ballots were counted three months ago) was to appoint an avid financial supporter of liberals like Ralph Nader and Democrats like 'Ikaika' Anderson to chair the Hawaii GOP's finance committee during the 2017-2018 campaign.

That's right, Ostrov's leftist ally and party appointee Mark Blackburn has a noticeable and very disturbing pattern of  donating  substantially in support of Democrats like far left-wing progressive (and occasional white supremacist ) Ralph Nader's campaign for president and to Democrat Justin-Michael "Ikaika" Anderson, the local career politician currently pushing for higher taxes, wasteful spending, and nanny state regulations on the Honolulu City Council.  In addition, Blackburn also joined with Neil Abercrombie, the Carpenters Union, the Ironworkers Union, the Painters Union, the Plumbers & Pipefitters Union, Democrat Chair Richard Port, Local 5 Unite Here and other liberal groups and donors by throwing $2,000 into the campaign of Democrat candidate and Democrat megadonor Richard Turbin along with $2,670 to career politician, Dan Inouye protégé, and lifelong Democrat Ben Cayetano.

LEFTWARD HO!!:   With Ostrov's political partner and fellow RINO Mark Blackburn apparently preferring someone to lead our country who is even further to the left of Barack Obama, RINO Blackburn eagerly donated to Nader's campaign just days after the shocking story broke that race-baiting Ralph Nader accused Obama of attempting to "talk white" and appealing to "white guilt" in his quest to win the White House.

In fact, Blackburn initiated and authorized a payment to Nader's campaign shortly after Nader said Obama was making a concerted effort not to be "another politically threatening African-American politician.  He wants to appeal to white guilt. You appeal to white guilt not by coming on as black is beautiful, black is powerful. Basically, he's coming on as someone who is not going to threaten the white power structure, whether it's corporate or whether it's simply oligarchic. And they love it. Whites just eat it up."  Yes, Blackburn sent funds to Nader right after these comments.  And, yes, this is the guy who Hellreich and Ostrov appointed to take the place of John Henry Felix as chairman of the powerful finance committee of the Hawaii GOP.
No question about it!   GOP officer and Shirlene Ostrov's biggest supporter, Mark Blackburn financially and politically supports big government liberal Democrats that consistently harm the taxpayers of Hawaii.  Sorry folks, based on his donations reported to the government by these liberal campaigns, progressive high-taxing politicians are exactly what Ostrov's right-hand man Mark Blackburn really wants to see elected to government.  As further proof of Blackburn's consciousness of guilt, over the past 24 hours Blackburn has frantically partnered with Democrat Mufi Hannemann's campaign team and donors inside RINO Bob McDermott's legislative and campaign office to try and discredit HIRA in order to maintain Democrat and RINO control of the Hawaii GOP.  Blackburn should be worried.  The truth is coming out about him and his fellow Democrat donors who control the make-believe "Republican Party of Hawaii".

PART OF A MUCH LARGER PATTERN :   The installation by Hellreich and Ostrov of Blackburn -- a clear supporter of big government candidates who want single-payer health care , heavy rail, higher taxes, illegal aliens, a welfare state and other failed Democrat policies -- makes no sense unless you see exactly how much Blackburn's immediate predecessor as finance chairman supported Democrats financially.  That's right, RINO infiltrator (or simply "traitor") Mark Blackburn is NOT the first Democrat donor to be installed as the finance chair for the Hawaii GOP or into other high positions.
Blackburn's immediate predecessor and RINO John Henry Felix (career politician, HART board member, proprietor of mortuaries and wedding chapels) has been handing out big money to Democrats to help them ensure victory over Republicans while pretending to root for the GOP to win.  Miriam Hellreich has been instrumental in installing these 'deep state' Republicans into Hawaii GOP officer positions for decades now, even though everyone knows these phony Republicans are directly causing the GOP to lose over and over and over.

Yes, the last two Finance Chairmen (including the current one) have been active donors to liberal Democrat politicians.  Be warned, fellow Republicans, these are likely Democrat plants, both of whom got their positions with closet Democrat Miriam Hellreich's full support.
Just look around The people you think are Republicans in Hawaii might actually be Democrats.  The Hawaii GOP is infected by Democrats.  People like Mark Blackburn, John Henry Felix and many, many others happily give money to Democrats while pretending to be 'loyal, committed Republicans'.  But it's all an act.  They like what Democrats have done to Hawaii enough to keep funding their campaigns.  In HIRA's Infiltration Alerts, we have previously provided MANY documented examples of active Democrats in leadership positions at HRP.  Okay, here's yet another one . . .

Just now, via a completely random audit of the members of the CURRENT State Committee which governs the Hawaii GOP reveals that Dennis Egge -- a current member of the governing State Committee of the Hawaii GOP and the party's district chairman for Oahu's 32nd house district (Moanalua Valley, Salt Lake, Aliamanu) -- twice donated money to Democrat Mark Takai just to make sure that Republican Charles Djou would lose.  Yet this guy sits on the State Committee of the Hawaii Republican Party!!!

It's gets even better . . . for Democrats, that isAs HIRA has previously reported, this same RINO Dennis Egge recently proclaimed that the Hawaii GOP should become extinct.

My friends, these are the kind of Democrat infiltrators (or simply ' traitors ' for short) that Oahu League of RINO Women (OLRW) "life member" Hellreich keeps helping to install.  Does this mean that the OLRW supports Democrat victory by circling the wagons around Hellreich at every turn?   It sure seems so .

Sadly, as I write this, instead of raising funds for the troubled Hawaii GOP as the latest "finance chairman" of the party, unapologetic Democrat donor and RINO traitor Mark Blackburn now spends his days threatening to sue HIRA and hysterically denying to other state party officers that Ostrov has proposed a reprehensible party budget which (among other things) clearly leaves Republican campaigns in the lurch.  Just days after Ostrov presented this two-page budget in writing, Blackburn actually told the entire party leadership in his hilarious August 14th e-mail that Ostrov's budget has "no basis in reality" and that it was a lie and that the projection of $120,000 in revenue from the upcoming Mike Huckabee event was "untruthful".

Like some unhinged, modern version of an alt-left Holocaust denier, RINO traitor Mark Blackburn has been denying the both the existence and the contents of Ostrov's own party budget (it's a lie!!), the $120K projected ticket sales for Huckabee (it's a lie!!), the absence of planned spending on anything except overhead (it's a lie!!) . . . and actually denies these things to the very group of people who directly received this precise budget from Team Ostrov:  the State Committee.

How can Ostrov continue to let Mark "Scaramucci" Blackburn continue making her look like an idiot?  Ostrov's finance committee chairman Blackburn needs to go back to Ralph Nader headquarters and practice his hateful, dishonest progressive policies there instead.  Perhaps a successful transition from native art dealer and Democrat donor to wannabe GOP powerbroker was simply too much to expect.
In our opinion, Mark Blackburn has totally lost his mind . Frankly, though, Blackburn doesn't matter.  Nobody even knew who this guy was until a few months ago when Miriam Hellreich and Pat Saiki plucked him from obscurity.  But, out of pity at least, someone should probably alert Blackburn's doctors that he might have gone off his medications.  It's a perfectly logical explanation for both his crazed attitude and his penchant for donating his wooden bowl fortune to Democrats.
Anyway, having imploded and disintegrated since Miriam Hellreich took over, the Hawaii GOP is weak enough to let itself be controlled by Democrats.  And Democrats in Hawaii are powerful enough to control their opposition - the state Republican Party.

Don't believe it?  Just stay tuned for Part Two of this Infiltration Alert - coming tomorrow.  The information is even more shocking.


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