On March 26, 2020 the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning released their Draft Inclusionary Ordinance and their updated Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance Draft . They have set a date for the County Planning Commission to review the Ordinances on April 29, 2020 . Both ordinances are a part of the County's Affordable Housing Action Plan ( AHAP ), introduced in 2018.

The ADU Ordinance is being crafted with the intention to bring the County's current ADU Ordinance into compliance with the State's broader and more flexible definitions passed in 2019. However, we are disappointed that amid a housing crisis, and now a global health pandemic, that the County will be moving forward with the Inclusionary Ordinance. This Ordinance stands to make it harder to provide shelter and make it difficult for stakeholders to communicate concerns.

BIA-LAV has been deeply engaged with these initiative, participating in working groups, testifying at hearings and providing comment letters. We will be thoroughly reviewing both ordinances. We are gathering feedback from our membership to develop updated letters. Please send comments and concerns to BIA-LAV, Director of Government Affairs, Diana Coronado
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