District 6 Community Highlights 
January 14, 2022 – Congratulation to Aide and Sadie from Maitland Middle!
Maitland MS: We are so proud to announce that Aiden Davis made 5th chair in the state of Florida!

February 24, 2022 – Lockhart students win at Ying Science Fair Awards
Lockhart MS: The annual Ying Science Fair Awards were held this past Thursday. Our very own Noah Hall-King and James Green participated with a project titled: “An Examination of the Uses of Martian Resources for a Return Mission to Earth” [and] THEY WON!!! Junior Division Chemistry FIRST PLACE! Lockhart was 1 of only 2 OCPS traditional schools listed in all of the winners for middle and high schools.

March 2, 2022- Congrats to Audubon Park School Chamber Orchestra!
March 10, 2022 – OCPS Top Talent District 6 Finalists Announced
Edgy Glum
Howard Middle School
“Earth” by Ava Tharp
Dover Shores Elementary School
“Faded Time” by Alisa Andrievskaya
Howard Middle School
“Abstract Portrait” by “Justin Koomson
Edgewater High School
Current Events
OCPS Stellar Awards

Congratulations to our District 6 finalists for the 2022 OCPS Stellar Awards, Kenya Nelson-Warren – Assistant Principal at Evans High School and Kelly Pfeiffer, Support Person of the Year from Maitland Middle! Thank you both for your excellence and dedication to our students.

OCPS Hall of Fame
Saturday, April 23, 2022

Congratulations to Kenard Lang, Evans High School 1993 alumni, and one our 2022 OCPS Hall of Fame Inductees! To learn more about this event, or purchase ticket, go to www.HallofFame.ocps.net
Engage 360 Virtual Training Sessions 
April 13, 2022
The East Learning Community session, titled Finding the Balance: Navigating Learning and Emotional Wellness During School Breaks, will empower parents with strategies to help prepare their children for summer. Register here.

The North Learning Community session, titled No Stressing when Assessing: Structures, Strategies, and Information that Support Student Success, will empower parents with strategies to navigate the testing season. Register here.

Orange County Library Systems – English for Families 
April 20, 2022

OCPS Multilingual Services: This BILINGUAL (English/Spanish) presentation will inform parents about a Family Literacy Program at Orange County Library Systems. Our guest, Dr. Jelitza Rivera, will provide detailed information about this program for parents to practice reading with their students and learn English vocabulary for everyday use. Click the image to access the webinar on April 20.
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