INFRAVATION final event in Rotterdam
The final INFRAVATION event took place on 4th October 2018 in conjunction with the 2018 Innovation Expo in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Nine ERA-NET Plus INFRAVATION innovation projects have successfully finished the work and presented their final results to around 80 people.

The welcome speech at INFRAVATION final event was given by Herma de Wilde, director of Rijkswaterstaat. Main results and achievements of the INFRAVATION program were presented by Peter Wilbers, INFRAVATION Programme Coordinator of Rijkswaterstaat. Peter Wilbers gave a short presentation on INFRAVATION transnational initiative, demonstration activities of INFRAVATION projects and deployment solutions. Finally, it was a great pleasure to have a keynote speech given by Jean-Francois Aguinaga from DG-RTD Head of Surface Transport Unit.

Figure 1. Welcoming at INFRAVATION final event

INFRAVATION final event was divided into: morning and afternoon sections. Morning section started with the three sessions:
  • 1st session - Extension of life-span of bridges and justifiable postponement of maintenance. Four INFRAVATION projects presented their final results: FASSTBRIDGE, SUREBRIDGE, SEEBRIDGE, SHAPE.
  • 2nd session - Low maintenance road surface pavements. Three INFRAVATION projects presented their final results: ECLIPS, HEALROAD and SEACON.
  • 3rd session - Green road surface pavements. Two INFRAVATION projects presented their final results: ALTERPAVE and BIOREPAVATION.
After the all projects' presentations, panel discussion with infrastructure owners, called Implementation and exploitation of the projects solutions, was led by Arno Willems from Iv-Infra. The invited panellists were the following: David Kuhen (FHWA), Simon Neisichi (IROAD) and   Joris Vijverberg (RWS). The discussion was focused on the exploitation of results and how to facilitate the implementation of the solutions developed within the Infravation projects. 

Figure 2. Panel session

Afternoon section was transferred to 2018 Innovation Expo 'RDM Onderzeebootloods' in Rotterdam. Peter Wilbers, INFRAVATION Programme Coordinator of Rijkswaterstaat presented the INFRAVATION program, the main achievements, solutions and final results of each INFRAVATION project. 

Finally, an interactive and fruitful discussion with participants was led by Dr Thierry Goger, Secretary General of FEHRL. During the discussion, valuable questions were raised regarding those nine INFRAVATION projects. 
Figure 3. 2018 Innovation Expo

    INFRAVATION projects 

ALTERPAVE - use of end-of-life materials, waste and alternative binders as useful raw materials for pavements construction and rehabilitation 

For roads

BIOREPAVATION - innovation in bio-recycling of old asphalt pavements

ECLIPS - enhancing concrete life in infrastructure through phase-change systems


HEALROAD - induction heating asphalt mixes to increase road durability and reduce maintenance costs and disruptions


SEACON - sustainable concrete using seawater, salt-contaminated aggregates, and non-corrosive reinforcement

FASSTBRIDGE - fast and effective solution for steel bridges life-time extension

For bridges

SEEBRIDGE - automated compilation of semantically rich BIM models of bridges


SHAPE - predicting strength changes in bridges from frequency data safety, hazard, and poly-harmonic evaluation

SUREBRIDGE - sustainable refurbishment of existing bridges

For more information please see the project website: or contact INFRAVATION Programme Coordinator of Rijkswaterstaat Peter Wilbers at 

FEHRL  |  +32 2 775 8245 | |