Second Quarter 2020
Volume 7, Number 2
Table of Contents

  • The In-Person INPTRA 2021 is Cancelled
  • Responding to COVID-19: Select Stories from Physiotherapy Regulators Across the Globe
  • Webcasts
  • Digital Practice White Paper
  • Regulatory Research in the News
  • Get Involved
  • Are You a Regulator?
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  • Submit your Country’s Regulatory Profile
The In-Person INPTRA 2021 is Cancelled
The INPTRA Board of Directors has decided to cancel the in-person INPTRA 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic. The board needed to make this decision now as hotels and venues required a commitment at this point. The board made this decision based on multiple factors: 

  • Recognizing the travel restrictions of many countries and organizations, 
  • Recognizing the possible financial difficulties COVID-19 has caused for member organizations that might limit the ability to support travel costs,
  • Recognizing the potential requirements for individuals to self-quarantine following international travel,
  • Protecting the health and safety of our attendees,
  • Avoiding the financial risk of a cancellation in order to be good financial stewards of INPTRA resources,
  • Acknowledging the risk of adjoining meetings being cancelled, 
  • Reducing the potential risk to INPTRA should an attendee contract COVID-19, and
  • Reducing the potential risk of attendees contracting and spreading COVID-19 as a result of travel and attendance at a large group meeting.
We will share information about virtual educational and networking options in 2021 in the coming months.
Responding to COVID-19: Select Stories from Physiotherapy Regulators Across the Globe

Physiotherapy regulatory agencies across the world had to adjust quickly to the pandemic, which has affected exam schedules, graduation dates, and licensing. Several agencies have shared the steps they've taken as well as lessons learned. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • "KABPTE is planning to convene a steering committee meeting to discuss whether exceptions for clinical education, such as online education, would be allowed amid uncontrollable situations such as natural disasters and pandemics." - Korean Physical Therapy Association
  • "Self-care is incredibly important, and we encourage all practitioners to look after themselves and seek support when they need it." - Physiotherapy Board of Australia
  • "We relied on our existing frameworks to ensure those we brought in to practice would be safe; and we tailored our fitness to practise processes to ensure they could be swiftly removed if there were any concerns raised." - Health & Care Professions Council (UK)
  • "[We coordinated] with the Philippine Physical Therapy Association in softening the impact of unemployment for a huge number of professionals.Because of the fear of infection, patients postpone treatments in clinics and at home forcing facilities to limit operation or close down." - Philippine Board of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Professional Regulation Commission
  • "Registrants want to know 'what does this mean for me?' Answer that question." -Physiotherapy Alberta College+Association
  • "Being kind, listening, and acknowledging the massive sacrifices of physiotherapists has been key, along with doing whatever we can to assist." - Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand
A socially-distanced line outside a store in Sejong City, South Korea.
An empty street in London during a shutdown.
A ward dedicated to COVID-19 patients at the Philippine General Hospital.
A woman wears a mask in New Zealand.
Digital Practice White Paper

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT)  and the  I nternational Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities (INPTRA )  established a joint Digital Physical Therapy Practice Task Force to develop a white paper addressing physical therapy practice and regulation in the digital age.

We created a survey to obtain feedback from practitioners and regulators across the globe. The full survey results can be found here.

This white paper is an initial look at international digital practice and proposes a definition and purpose for digital physical therapy practice while exploring benefits, current limitations, regulatory concerns, guidelines, and considerations for educational programs.

The Digital Practice White Paper is also available in Spanish.

If you have any questions please email us at .
Regulatory Research in the News

"Over the course of this project, we have explored the many influences which develop and threaten professional identity and how regulation intertwines with identity. In Regulation rethought we noted that regulation at the national level can be a ‘blunt instrument’ for mitigating risks of harm because regulators are distant from the risks that they seek to manage. Our research with practitioners and literature review have shed light on the nature and level of influence a distant regulator or register can have over practitioners’ professional identities. In our annual report, we also noted that the topic is ‘pertinent to many of the current discussions about both the possible merging of regulators and the development of new groups of practitioners in healthcare’."
Get Involved

Do you want to play an active role in INPTRA’s mission and vision? Help advance excellence in physiotherapy regulation by volunteering for a committee or task force. You do not need to have a direct regulatory background to be eligible. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us at
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