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Winter 2021
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Here's what you may have missed from NCSRC in the past few months:
Assessing School Quality
This NCSRC tool can lead schools' data-driven school improvement process using reflective and diagnostic questions to identify where they are in their journey to achieve success. Go beyond questions of individual student achievement and provide your team with a holistic approach to articulating what success looks like for your school and your plans for achieving it, including scaling-up if appropriate.
Family Engagement: Toolkit and Webinar

"Successful family engagement is much more than a check the box exercise – it is a centralized series of strategies that benefits individual students and whole schools."

This is the guiding principle of NCSRC's Family Engagement in the Charter School Life Cycle: A Toolkit for School Leaders. This easy-to-use guide offers templates, tips, and expert advice for the busy school leader who wants to make meaningful advancements in family engagement and student achievement.
NCSRC also hosted a webinar with the authors of this toolkit. Watch it now.
Using our recent Policy Framework for High-Quality Authorizing Practices, NCSRC researchers have completed the first round of our High-Quality Charter Authorizing Policy Profiles. These State Profiles describe the key elements of each State’s policy context for supporting high-quality authorizing practices.
Opportunity Zones and Charter Schools
We recently published a self-guided learning module, Charter Schools in Opportunity Zones, from the Charter School Opportunity Zones Initiative. This master class provides information on how charter schools can use Opportunity Zone (OZ) funding as part of their facilities financing, and how investors and philanthropists can work with charter schools in OZs to enhance community development. 
COVID-19 Resources

In addition to the above, our COVID-19 Resource Directory is your continually updated resource for federal and state guidance for schools, students, and families.
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