GOP Leaders Permit Closet Democrat
Beth Fukumoto to continue mocking the
Hawaii GOP as an avowed fake Republican

Aloha Republicans:

In Beth Fukumoto's newest interview
published overnight to the sympathetic, liberal audience at public radio , the infamous Mililani RINO continues her never-ending assault on the values and policies of the Republican Party.

"But what my colleagues told me is that this is the party of Middle America. And it's our job to represent Middle America's values in the Hawaii State Legislature," she says. "To me, all I hear is a very colonial mindset  there. It's an effort to bring essentially white, mainland values into what is our local diverse culture and force us to behave that way."

Fukumoto says she's concluded now that she can't change things as much as she'd once hoped. She thinks the national party is too powerful. But there's nothing wrong, necessarily, with a party that just happens to be made up of mostly white males, she says.

"The question is - is that something women and minority voters should reward?" Fukumoto says. "And I think that's the question that women and minorities should ask themselves about the Republican Party. And it's a question I'm asking myself."

As the most recent of Fukumoto's possibly 100 interviews makes abundantly clear, other Republicans (meaning HIRA) argued that she just wanted to change Republicans into something closer to Democrats. And Fukumoto doesn't deny that she joined the party to change it.

Particularly troubling is that Fukumoto's colleagues have always known this about her.  They know she's a liberal through and through.  They know Fukumoto supports higher taxes, bigger government, and just about every failed Democrat policy you could name.  That's why she has been threatening for YEARS to switch parties and become a Democrat.  She made these threats long before Donald Trump ever ran for president.  HIRA documented how she was planning to jump ship when her RINO buddy Aaron "Ling" Johanson switched parties two years ago.

Still, only a few short weeks ago, Bob McDermott, Gene Ward, and the entire minority caucus of Republicans in the State House of Representatives UNANIMOUSLY supported Beth Fukumoto to be the leader of all elected Republicans in Hawaii.

Keep this troubling point in mind as HIRA raises a related issue:  Why has the Minority Caucus gone dark?  You would think that firing Fukumoto as Minority Leader would result in an assertive new GOP leadership at the State Capitol which takes on the Democrats -- the very Democrats who have been turning the current 2017 Legislative Session into a progressive policy free-for-all.

But, NO, the silence from Republicans at the State Capitol is deafening.  They have gone as quiet as the Miriam Hellreich-controlled Hawaii GOP organization.  Something is very wrong.

If you don't already believe that the GOP in Hawaii has been effectively neutered, then explain this:  WHY do 
RINO party leaders Miriam Hellreich and Fritz Rohlfing continue to stand by their refusal to allow the party's State Committee to schedule a meeting to discuss revocation of Fukumoto's party membership?

Closet Democrat Beth Fukumoto continues to mock the Republican Party from inside the GOP.  With the help of the Democrat-leaning news media, Fukumoto actively vouches for Democrats by telling everyone who'll listen that Republicans are a bad fit for Hawaii.

Nobody from the GOP or from Fukumoto's minority caucus is bothering to fight back.   There's something radically wrong with this picture.  Party leaders are deliberately holding back from defending our party as if they don't disagree with Fukumoto.

COMMON SENSE:  Any organization in the world would go on public relations overdrive if one of its best known spokespersons suddenly broke ranks to lead a crusade against that organization's brand.   That's obvious.  But it's not happening.  Instead, party leaders from the Kapiolani Blvd. headquarters to the Hawaii State Capitol are giving Fukumoto free reign to systematically reinforce all the terrible stereotypes about Republicans in Hawaii.  Meanwhile these same GOP leaders are doing absolutely nothing to ensure that voters are educated about the direct correlation between failed Democrat policies in Hawaii and the declining standard of living and skyrocketing cost of living.

Something's very wrong.  And the party of RINO's Miriam Hellreich, Gene Ward, Bob McDermott, and Pat Saiki doesn't seem to mind that it's in decline and that it's brand is under assault by one of its own.

Could it be that there are even more 'Republicans in Name Only' or RINO's in high places that we previously knew?  With only six elected Republicans left in the legislature, how was it so easy for three of them to back-stab taxpayers by
voting to join with Democrats in support for House Bill 349 which establishes a 40-year long increase of the punishing General Excise Tax through the year 2057?

Fellow Republicans, there's something really fishy going on.  The party organization is silent.  The minority caucus is silent.  A closet Democrat is allowed to keep her GOP membership while going on an endless rampage against Republicans and our values.  And Republicans legislators are voting like Democrats at the State Capitol.

Hawaii has  never been farther from having a "two-party system" than we are at this precise moment in Hawaii history.  And we have RINO
Miriam Hellreich, the  Oahu League of RINO Women , and the self-serving  GOP Minority Caucus to thank.  Auwe!

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