Leadership Communication Beyond Borders: Aponte-Moreno Reveals Why Similarities Trump Differences  

With an eye on global politics--past and present--Assistant Professor of Global Business Marco Aponte-Moreno hopes his research on leadership communication will help to flip the script on cultural stereotypes.

"Most research in intercultural management and communication has focused on looking at cultural differences and exploring how to overcome them," he said. "I would like to shift the debate from a focus on differences to a focus on similarities. For example, instead of teaching American managers and leaders about the cultural differences that they need to be aware of when doing business in China, I think it would be more interesting and useful to teach them about the cultural similarities between the U.S. and China. I'm not saying that we should not address cultural differences, but the main focus should be on similarities."
Dissecting a Philosophical Revolution: Yuan Li Explores the Intersection of China's Rhetoric and Organizational Change

In an age of 24-hour media commentary and drastically evolving business practices, Professor Yuan Li believes there is value in examining the space between words and action in organizations. Li studies the linguistic turn in philosophy, social sciences, and humanities that sees social reality as a linguistic construction.

"The turn to language and rhetoric really is to refocus our attention to words, to the things that we say, and to meanings, to what all of that means together. This idea revolutionizes how we see the relationship between language and reality."

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Professor Andrew Wilson has had a paper titled, "Negative Word of Mouth Can Be a Positive for Consumers Connected to the Brand," accepted for publication in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Jim Hawley delivered a talk at an annual conference,  SRI in the Rockies, on sustainable and responsible investing, titled, "ESG and Fiduciary Duty: recent developments," November 9 - 11, 2016.

An article by  Professor Michael Hadani, co-authored with Professors Natasha Munshi and Kim Clark, has been accepted for publication in  Business and Society Review. 

John Rasmus had an article published in the World Financial Review (London) titled, "Why Trump Won,"  on November 8, 2016. 

The Executive MBA Council selected Professor Barry Eckhouse to deliver two fall webinars on the topic of new-media literacy and the EMBA space. Saint Mary's College and the Digital Driver's License Program were at the center of his presentations. The EMBA Council has an international membership of over 500 colleges, universities, and corporations. The two fall webinars, delivered on December 6 and 7 respectively, are expected to attract 70 schools for the Asia offering and 100 plus for the U.S. and European audiences.

Jim Hawley was interviewed on Fortune.com for an article titled, " Here's Who Gets Left Behind in America's Quest to Do Good.

Professor Barbara McGraw consulted at St. Thomas University on Interfaith Leadership in Business in October 2016.

Professor Kris Chase spoke at the Orinda Rotary meeting in October 2016, sharing slides on the presidential economic policy proposals. 

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