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to all my readers

I wonder how you are all filling your days. They seem to shoot by, which means I must be busy doing something for days to pass so quickly. One thing has been the daily dog walks. It's funny, as it is always such an effort to get kitted up to get out doors, but once there, it is hard to come back inside. I just love the feel of the wind, and even the rain at times, on my face and the dogs certainly don't complain. Of course the snow has been an added bonus and I have a target of getting on that sledge by next winter and bombing down the hill. Sadly my hip won't allow that this year, despite the very strong temptation!!!! 

Another one of my tasks is to make sure all courses are in place for this year and I am happy to report that this is now the case. I am hopeful that we will be in a better place by the Spring, to see these actually happen. We can but hope!

However before then, on-line courses will be available and my art classes will also be on-line for the first few months of this year. So let's see what there is.

Courses are now up on my website for next year. We all need something to look forward too don't we and nothing better than face to face courses with some amazing tutors. I so look forward to welcoming you back to Moor Hall Studio and I also love to see new faces.  Pop over to my website and take a look. Click HERE to read course details and costs.

Here is a quick look at what is on offer, although some courses are already full but with waiting lists in place.

Matthew Harris
Upside Down and Back to Front
23/24/25 April 2021

Bobby Britnell
Watch this Space
 22/23 May 2021

Mary Sleigh
Mind the Gap
24/25 May 2021

Ruth Issett
Exploring Colour with  Paper, Fabric and Stitch
10/11 June 2021

Ruth Kirkby

Watercolour ~ Making and Breaking the Rules
17 June, 8 July 2021

Sarah Burgess

Chasing Shadows
23/24/25 June 2021

David Tress
Painting Landscape ~ Vision and Structure
2/3/4 July 2021

Alice Fox

16/17/18 July 2021

Amanda Clayton

Piecing, Patching and Pockets
31 Aug, 1/2 Sept 2021

Dorothy Tucker
Going Round in Circles
6/7 Sept 2021

Sue Brown
Collagraphs from Botanical Prints
25/26 Sept 2021

Bobby Britnell
Personal Explorations
27/28 Sept 2021

My fingers are firmly crossed that courses do happen.
Let's keep hoping!


My on-line 'INSPIRED STUDY COURSES' are now available for all students. Hopefully I will be adding to these later in the year. Although untutored, I will always respond to questions and queries via email, and I would love to see images of what you are doing. On payment of the fee you will receive the full package. Please read full description on my website and email me for details and suitability of the courses.  

Currently available:

Inspired by Ben Nicholson

Click HERE to book
Inspired by Tone and Line

Click HERE to book
Inspired by Grids

Click HERE to book

MOOR ART ~ On-line

As already mentioned I shall be delivering my art classes on-line for the next few months so this might be an opportunity for you to participate in as well.

We will be using a local chapel 'Black Mountain Chapel' as our inspiration and although it would be very useful to be able to pay a visit to the chapel, I shall be providing images to assist students that live too far away. There will be two opportunities to be part of this by joining either Moor Art 1 on alternative Wednesdays or with Moor Art 2 on alternative Saturdays.

Time-Plan and Format of Sessions: 
  • The course will run via Zoom for one hour at 10.30am and for one hour at 2.30pm, fortnightly on a Wednesday (or Saturday) 
  • A WhatsApp group will be set up and a Facebook Page, so that students can also comment and discuss their work if they wish too.
  • These two social media groups, WhatsApp and Face-book will combine with the students from Moor Art 1 and Moor Art 2 who will be following the same course. 
  • PowerPoints will feature on at least one of the daily sessions and on occasions there may be two.
  • Students will be required to send images of their work by the Tuesday (or Friday) lunchtime prior to the course.
Click HERE to book for Moor Art 1 on Wednesdays

Click HERE to book for Moor Art 2 on Saturdays

Here are some images from Black Mountain Chapel. In the Summer we plan to have an exhibition of all the wonderful work produced.

An on-line course by Mary Sleigh

This on-line course is being presented by Mary Sleigh and follows a similar format to the on-line courses that I have been offering. This format I know has suited many students, so if interested do book on Mary's website by clicking HERE

A series of 3 workshops suitable for beginners or those who want to brush up their skills. Colour is a major element in all creative work; sets the mood and atmosphere and it's very often the first thing we notice. These workshops are all about colour, understanding more about the theory and becoming more sensitive to the possibilities in our own work. We shall take it a step at a time with a range of practical tasks leading to some stitched samples and small projects.

Images, comments, queries and feedback can be posted on a Facebook page open only to me and participants.

On payment of the fee £15 per workshop or £40 for all three, you will receive a downloadable PDF for each workshop with fully illustrated instructions.
PLEASE NOTE: this course is only bookable by going to Mary's website.

FINALLY it just remains for me to wish you a very safe and happy New Year and here's hoping for better times ahead.

Take real good care now of yourself and others.