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Jason Jackson
Seal Beach, California
Warren Distributing
The U.S. finalists and Canada and Mexico winners each received an expenses-paid four-day trip to Detroit, where they were treated to dinners and receptions, tours, a day of racing, and more. Jason Jackson achieved the top score on a custom ASE test, earning himself the title U.S. Technician of the Year. The three winners won $2,500 USD each, and Jackson will travel to Scottsdale, Ariz. this fall to represent Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper as the 2019 Technician of the Year.
Think you've got what it takes to be the 2020 Technician of the Year ? Contact your parts supplier today to be nominated!

We're on a quest to find the best technician in our network! All finalists must be ASE-certified CSC members. U.S. finalists and the Mexico and Canada winners will be invited to San Antonio in the spring of 2020 for three days of camaraderie, learning, and fun. Winners will receive $2,500 USD each!
Convention 2021
The automotive aftermarket faces a lot of threats, but together, we have the power to influence meaningful change. 

Join us as we bring our voice to Washington, D.C. April 19-22, 2021.
6 Grand Prize Winners
Six lucky technicians won a powersports vehicle of their choice worth up to $15,000, and another 150 walked away with $25,000 worth of gift cards. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Fall Sweepstakes
We're giving away 30 unforgettable trips to our Big Race Weekend in Indianapolis in 2020 and 500 gift cards totaling more than $75,000 in cash prizes this fall. That's right — in addition to taking 30 guests to one of the biggest racing events in the country, we're giving away a gift card for every single mile those racers drive.

Each $150 you spend with Auto Value or Bumper to Bumper earns you one entry into the sweepstakes. MyPlace4Parts users are entered automatically.
Save big on Identifix
We are excited to announce better Identifix pricing! CSCs are now eligible for our exclusive rate of $141 per month. Talk to your parts supplier ASAP so you can start saving money today!

The improved pricing equates to $38 in savings per month (more than $450 annually) off of Identifix's standard Direct-Hit pricing. It also saves you the trouble of having to submit invoice documents for rebates.

Questions? Contact your parts supplier.

September Tech Tip
Can't figure out what's wrong with a vehicle's memory steer? Try checking the strut rods.

In one of his latest videos, repair guru Andrew Markel addresses a call from a customer involving a difficult-to-detect memory steer issue.
A good waiting room can be the deciding factor between a good repair shop experience and a bad one — and not all repair shop waiting rooms are created equal.

Find out what Interstate Auto Care's Bill Nalu and other shop owners are doing to improve the look and feel of their waiting rooms.

We know that your technicians are qualified. And we're willing to pay up to $250 a year in ASE certification reimbursements to make sure your customers know that too.

That's right — we've increased our ASE rebates by $37 so that you can certify more technicians and post more of those glossy certification certificates on your shop's wall! Don't let test fees deter you from having your techs certified by the national standard for excellence in automotive service.

Questions? Contact your parts supplier for more details.

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Test your knowledge on engine noise by matching the noise to the correct diagnosis.
Top End Noise
1.) Loud, rhythmic clatter
2.) Slapping or thumping coming from the front of the engine
3.) Hum that whirs and whines, rising and falling in pitch with the RPM
4.) Loud, cycling, valve rattle
5.) One clear clack when a certain valve opens
6.) Irregular clacking or knocking noise
Bottom End Noise
7.) Irregular knock at idle that sounds louder or softer when moving the clutch pedal
8.) Rapid, dull pounding that is steady and increases with load
9.) Sharp knocking that is easier to hear at idle; the knock will be audible at top dead center and the bottom dead center if you ground the spark plug of the affected cylinder
10.) Sharp clattering knock; the sound can be continuous at idle or only happen when the throttle suddenly closes
11.) Hollow metallic clatter; it will be louder when the engine is cold

A.) Piston slap

B.) Excessive camshaft endplay

C.) Loose wrist pin that is loose in its bore

D.) Low pressure or restricted oil flow

E.) Worn main bearings

F.) Tight timing belt

G.) Bad connecting rod bearing

H.) Worn valve guides or rocker arm pivots

I.) Broken valve spring or a collapsed lifter

J.) Too much crankshaft endplay

K.) Loose timing belt