Training Force USA
Working with Legal and Open Source Information
DECEMBER 16-17 , 2019 
MASON, MICHIGAN (Lansing Area) 
MCOLES 302 Approved
Law enforcement, for the most part, only requests and uses a small portion of mobile device related data that is available from legal process and is barely scraping the surface of the vast amount of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) data that can substantially enhance investigations and prosecutions.
This training provides investigators with the ability to identify and understand a variety of service provider records. The OSINT portion of the training teaches investigators to identify and use multiple free online resources to not only "dig" into the internet for personal information about any target and to connect attributes across multiple open source and legal process data points.

Training Overview:
The participants will learn to understand cellular carrier and social media records first and then use open source information to show a more complete picture in an investigation. Understanding all available resources is important, but it is as just important to understand how to analyze connections across multiple data points.

* Identify potential sources of relevant evidence or information.
* Learn to use the language of service providers for subpoenas, orders, and search warrants.
* Learn to understand cellular, internet-based, or third-party records.
* Understand the applications and limitations of historic cell site location information.
* Identify and connect information from various sources.
* Reverse-search photographs and videos for additional copies and details.
* Search historical deleted versions of websites.
* Identify social networks in use by target username.

Student Requirements:
1. Laptop - strongly recommended that your IT department allow for user-based modifications or to have someone on standby to provide technical assistance.
2. Google Earth Pro installed - make sure it is the Pro version.
3. Microsoft Excel installed - preferably the newest version. Basic familiarity is strongly recommended.
4. A basic understanding of internet searches and social networks.

What Students Should Bring:
Please note that this course uses hands-on interactive training with live demonstration, minimal PowerPoint, and practical exercises using data from actual cases.

Feel free to bring any cases you would like help on or to work on.

All members of the criminal justice/legal community.
Training is especially valuable for investigators, prosecutors, and anyone who needs to understand service provider records and Open Source Intelligence data.
  • LOCATION:    
    Ingham County Sheriff's Office

    630 North Cedar Street 

    Mason, Michigan 48854

  • DATES & TIMES: Monday-Tuesday, December 16-17, 2019
    Class starts at 8:00 AM Sharp - and ends at 5:00 PM (EST) 

    Business casual attire

    Hotel Information on the Registration Site
  • COST:        $349.00 per person
          Includes instruction, class materials, and certificate of completion

      Cancellations and Substitutions:  
  • Upon submission of this registration, participants are responsible for payment of this course.
    Please note that if you do not attend, you are still responsible for payment.
  • Substitutions may be made at any time by phone, e-mail or online at the registration site.

:     CLAUDE A. PICHARD, Training Force USA
                      Phone: 850-251-1223