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FSOC to meet on reference rates

On Thursday, Nov. 16, the Financial Stability Oversight Council will hold both an open and an executive session. The preliminary agenda for the open session includes revisions to FSOC's regulations under the Freedom of Information Act and an update on the work of the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC). The preliminary agenda for the executive session includes a discussion of FSOC's 2017 annual report.
Fri Nov 10, 2017
Let's recap
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Putting clients in expensive share classes instead of lower-cost ones hurts investors, SEC chair says (Nov 8)

SEC and DOL face hurdles in fiduciary collaboration
When it comes to the possibility of a uniform advice standard for advisers and brokers coming from the SEC, one attorney argues "things are still very much in a wait-and-see mode," despite increased chatter among lobbying organizations about the possibility (Nov 6)

SEC is said to prepare easier path for new exchange-traded funds
Chair has asked staff to revisit 2008 proposal, people say; plan would address complaints over time and cost for approvals (Nov 6)

Calls for delay on CAT
Some of the major players involved in a much-delayed surveillance system to monitor trading in the world's largest equity market want it to face further delays (Nov 6)
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An effective cyber breach response requires practice
A lot of companies with cybersecurity programs will have a playbook for what to do when a breach occurs, but when it comes to executing the plan, the chance for success rises if there was some practice of the plan beforehand.

NY AG offers legislative plan to update 'weak and outdated' laws
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has introduced a bill in the aftermath of the Equifax hack that would update New York State's data breach notification laws and expand the reach of cyber standards over businesses.

Only 28% of people are using this critical web security feature
The tool, known as two-factor authentication (2FA), prompts people to enter a text message code or some other piece of extra information when they log in from an unfamiliar computer.
New SEC advisory committee
Will focus on fixed income markets
(Nov 9) -- A newly formed Securities and Exchange Commission advisory committee will weigh in on the efficiency of fixed income markets and how its regulations might be improved. Initially t he Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee will focus on the corporate bond and municipal securities markets. Members of the committee, to be formally established Nov. 15, include representatives of both retail and institutional investors, large and small companies, trading venues, dealers, and self-regulatory organizations. The committee has an initial two-year term, which can be renewed by the commission.  
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Centuries of data forewarn of rapid reversal from low interest rates
Forget secular stagnation. One historian says the world is actually in its ninth "real rate depression" and 700 years of data show that - when it comes - the turnaround could be sudden.

If you think the Paradise and Panama papers are bad, wait until you hear about Delaware
Anything Panama does, Delaware, South Dakota, and Nevada can do just as well.
- Quartz

How business titans, pop stars, and royals hide their wealth
Records from an offshore hideaway show how an American billionaire grew one of the world's largest trusts and another owned part of a company accused of exploiting the poor.