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"Rishi Ganti used to help manage the personal fortunes of hedge fund founders David Siegel  and John Overdeck , whose quantitatively driven strategies turned them into billionaires. Ganti, 45, says he's glimpsed the future of his industry. A wave of coders writing self-teaching algorithms has descended on the financial world , and it doesn't look good for most of the money managers who've long been envied for their multimillion-¬≠dollar bonuses."
Fri Jun 23, 2017
Let's recap
In case you missed it . . .
Fed, OCC officials agree that Volcker Rule is too complicated; OCC acting chief supports the Treasury's deregulatory agenda (Jun 22)

Federal regulators show willingness to revisit Volcker Rule; required by Dodd-Frank Act, rule bans proprietary trading by banks  (Jun 22)

Treasury eyes September for market, asset manager reports 
Capital markets and asset manager reports coming mid-September; tech-centered nonbank analysis due in October; Trump executive order mandated review of financial regulations  (Jun 21)

Potential SEC nominee takes dim view of 'flawed' fiduciary rule 
Potential Trump pick Hester Peirce is fierce critic of rule; commission chair asked for public comment on regulation (Jun 20)

Trump's banking deregulation team takes shape with FDIC pick
White House selects GOP congressional aide James Clinger; Wall Street gains confidence it won't be overseen by populists (Jun 19)
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Girl Scouts will become white hat hackers with cool new cybersecurity badges
An initiative which willintroduce a set of new badges to promote computer and internet literacy and cybersecurity aims to foster educational programs across all ages of the Girl Scouts, with a major emphasis on providing access to girls who might otherwise never be exposed to the field.

Five traits employers should look for when hiring cyber security professionals
When hiring cyber security professionals, curiosity, reliability, and being a lifelong learner are as important as technical skill.

Things that make you say "Hmmm...."
Digital Hero: This ethical hacker only orchestrates cyber attacks if they're justified by the Libertarian manifesto he wrote when he was 19.
CFTC enforcement gaining ground
Authority shifts to other divisions.
(Jun 20) -- The Commodity Futures and Trading Commission will shift some responsibilities from its market oversight division and other units to its enforcement division and Office of Data and Technology.  The Division of Market Oversight director's authority to make special calls for information on controlled accounts from retail foreign exchange dealers, futures brokers and introducing brokers will go to the enforcement director. Directors of market oversight, swap dealer and intermediary oversight, and clearing and risk, and the chief economist will lose the authority to conduct certain investigations to the agency's enforcement director.
Binge reading disorder
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The lost Goldman Sachs 1985 fixed income recruiting video
This is the world depicted by a fixed income recruiting video made by GS in 1985.

Goldman Sachs Fixed Income Recruiting Video 1985
Goldman Sachs Fixed Income Recruiting Video 1985

When given a chance, young women warm to working in asset management
Kathleen Powers Dunlap, CEO of Girls Who Invest - a non-profit group dedicated to growing the number of women in portfolio management - was looking for 60 young women. She found 1,500.