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Friday | Dec 29, 2017
Let's recap
In case you missed it . . .
A world where regulations are automatically incorporated into companies' policies is coming in the not-too-distant future. This would let businesses to more quickly conform to regulatory changes, let them better deploy their compliance personnel and give regulators immediate visibility into compliance efforts. (Jan 10)

Fiduciary rule poised for second life
SEC working on its own version of Labor Department rule that would apply to all brokerage accounts, not just retirement funds (Jan 10)

For new Fed chief, stock boom may bring bubble déjà vu
Any central banker watching the stock market today should get a queasy sense of déjà vu. A housing boom preceded the last recession. A tech stock bubble ushered in its forerunner. (Jan 10)

Trading venues downplay rift over MiFID II share trading reforms
Regulator says the delay reflected incomplete data supplied by the industry (Jan 10)

How much of a systemic risk is clearing?
Critics of central counterparties claim the CCP structure is unstable (Jan 8)
The Cyber Cafe
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Un-clear and present danger
Fileless malware poses a threat to both businesses and individuals.

Report discusses how to approach botnets, cybersecurity threats
The Departments of Commerce and Homeland Security weigh in on cybersecurity threats, including botnets and automated threats.

Three considerations to help you better secure and control your data
Reduce Complexity. Observe. Collaborate.
SEC focus shifts to bonds
Equity panel dissolved
(Jan 10) -- The Securities and Exchange Commission emailed members of the Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee - created in 2015 to improve stock market trading - to tell them their panel was being dissolved. The group tackled some of the market's biggest controversies, including how to prevent a repeat of the haywire session in August 2015 that saw exchange-traded funds untether from their underlying holdings, but the SEC has yet to act on its suggestions. The SEC has, however, indicated it would like to follow the committee's recommendation for a test program to study the incentives exchanges pay traders to stir volume.
New SEC commissioners laud new advisory panel
Bond liquidity on the agenda
(Jan 11) -- Republican Hester Peirce   and  Democrat Robert Jackson were sworn into office as Securities and Exchange Commissioners by SEC Chair Jay Clayton, and kicked off their tenure by telling the   Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee, a new agency advisory panel, that they are eager to learn from it. The 20 members of the Committee held discussions on bond market liquidity throughout the day at the group's inaugural meeting.
Binge reading disorder
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The only strippers that accept 1s and 0s
On one level, the pole-dancing robots were a classic Vegas stunt, but it  still provided some striking parallels to the much bigger tech show nearby.

Who wants to live forever?... The super-rich, that's who (and most everyone else)
A multitude of approaches being taken aim for immortality... or, at the very least, a much longer and healthier life.
- Forbes

A new Silk Road
China is investing billions in building pathways to Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.