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Sell in May and go away?

Friday | May 4, 2018
Top U.S. market regulators are said to open probe into the VIX; s tock is down 15% in 2018 after rising the last seven years (Bloomberg Quint | May 4)

The big squeeze: New risks for Fed interest rates, recession and yield curve
Goldilocks has left the building. For proof, just look at interest rates. (Investor's Business Daily | May 1)

A flatter yield curve is no reason to freak
An inversion is a worry. Flattening, not so much. (Bloomberg View | Apr 30)

New correlations spell concern for bond and equity investors
Simultaneous drop in debt and stock prices marks an uncomfortable break with recent trend  (Financial Times | Apr 30)

The real risk is believing that volatility is risk
Investors are much more concerned about a surge in the VIX than they are by the prospect of nuclear war - that's a mistake (The Wall Street Journal | Apr 30)
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Ahhh, smart offices, hot coffee. But watch out for legal risks.
Like your coffee hot when you get to the office? Want the workplace temperature to self-adjust to the weather? If the answer is "you bet," be aware that corporate legal risks can go hand in hand with the conveniences of internet-connected devices.

Blockchain will be theirs, Russian spy boasted at conference
Last year, representatives of 25 countries met in Tokyo to work on setting international standards for the blockchain. Some of the technologists at the meeting were surprised when they learned that the head of the Russian delegation worked for the F.S.B., the intelligence agency that is the successor to the K.G.B. They were even more surprised when they asked the F.S.B. agent why the Russians were devoting such resources to the blockchain standards. "Look, the internet belongs to the Americans - but blockchain will belong to us," he said, according to one delegate who was there. 

NIST refines cybersecurity framework
The National Institute of Standards and Technology issued Version 1.1 of its  Cybersecurity Framework, adding new categories and subcategories, languages updates, and changes based on feedback received in 2016 and 2017.
Binge reading disorder
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The crypto crime wave is here
From stickups and drug deals to white-collar scams, cryptocurrency-related crime is soaring - and law enforcement is scrambling to keep up.
Board game nights: Wall Street's latest secretive trend
This fraternity-like network of players is more Snakes & Ladders than Skull & Bones - but no less well-positioned.

Facebook lets users scrub web data with 'clear history' tool
Facebook is going to let users see which websites and apps send the social network data on their activity - and then give them the option to delete it, with a new "clear history" tool.