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Fri Sep 1, 2017
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As cheap money floods the global economy, Patrick Jenkins asks if a similar mess is looming (Aug 31)

Subprime loans were one of the main causes of the financial crisis. So why is lending to high-risk borrowers making a comeback? (Aug 31)

U.S. catches up to Europe, shifting trade clearing to two days; two days is sluggish given light-speed pace of modern markets (Aug 31) 

Moody's says G20 GDP growth to exceed 3 percent, warns of geopolitical risks
Moody's Investors Service kept its forecast for G20 economic growth at just over 3 percent for this year and next, but warned of geopolitical risks, U.S. protectionism and spillovers from global monetary tightening and China's deleveraging measures (Aug 29)

In a blast from a financial crisis past, synthetic CDOs are back
Market for collateralized debt obligations is on the rise again after years on the decline (Aug 28)
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Clarity in cybersecurity board talks yields best results    
Direct, concise examples to board show risk, offer remedies; success means being cybersecurity architect, not alarmist

Companies should work with government, industry partners
Seven members resign from National Infrastructure Advisory Council, citing cybersecurity inaction; companies should continue to work with government, industry partners to bolster cybersecurity protections
The fiduciary rule
... had a whirlwind week
DOL set for 15-day comment period on fiduciary rule delay
Labor also said it planned to propose a new, more streamlined exemption and sent another signal that the class action requirement would be removed from BICE.

Fiduciary rule exemptions face delay under DOL proposal
Agency cites need to complete review of the rule, possible changes as reason for delay; advisers still required to give advice in their clients' best interest, receive reasonable compensation, and not make misleading statements; DOL says delaying the applicability dates won't result in huge investor losses.
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Fiduciary rule's arbitration ban won't be enforced by DOL
DOL won't enforce regulation making it harder for financial advisers to insulate themselves from class litigation; specific nonenforcement policy comes weeks after DOL dropped its defense of this provision in court; Supreme Court set to consider class action waivers in employment context in October.
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Why Davos tags tech giants as 'systemically important'
"Financial institutions increasingly resemble, and are dependent on, large tech firms to acquire critical infrastructure and differentiating technologies," says a report from the World Economic Forum.

Mapping the decentralized world of tomorrow
The crypto sector is much more than Bitcoin, fintech, trading and crypto currencies
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