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Friday, Jun 3, 2016
Let's recap
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CAT proposal imminent
SEC's White
(Jun 2)  The Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) - a proposal that would beef up requirements for how brokers disclose order-routing for institutional and retail clients -  is imminent,  SEC Chair Mary Jo White said at a meeting of the SEC's historical society in Washington. The proposal would be part of a slate of market structure rules that White has pushed during her tenure.  White said her agency will "very soon" consider a proposal for customer-specific institutional order routing disclosures and the SEC's commission's Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee will soon vote on a formal access fee pilot program recommendation.
Draft rules for SIIs
Fed may approve on Friday
(Jun 1) On Friday, Jun 3, the Federal Reserve is expected to approve draft rules for systemically important insurance companies (SIIs). Detailed text will be released during or following their 3 pm ET public meeting (available via webcast). The final rule, to be issued in late 2017 or 2018, wouldn't go into effect until 2019 at the earliest. Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo gave a preview of the rules on May 20.
Towards 'a new normal'
BIS releases working papers
(Jun 1) The Bank for International Settlements 14th annual conference took place at the Palace Hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland in June 2015. P apers presented at the conference, "Towards 'a new normal' in financial markets?" were just released as  BIS Working Papers  nos 561 to 564:
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