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Where the Truth Is

As a former CIA officer, my old job taught me moderation, and respect for the views of all sides. "Being an intelligence officer," he said, "you collect information from all sides, and when there's overlap, that's usually where the truth is."

-- William Ballard Hurd
U.S. representative for Texas's 23rd congressional district
Fri Aug 25, 2017
Let's recap
In case you missed it . . .
Three challenges facing investors ahead of MiFID II
Looming regulation aims to inject greater transparency into all markets (Aug 24)

Credit crisis led to a bonfire of the acronyms
Securitization created weapons of financial destruction and has not fully recovered (Aug 23)

A cure for Wall Street's MiFID migraine said in works at SEC
Wall Street has been urging Washington for months to blunt the fallout from new European rules that banks say will upend their research businesses. The industry's top U.S. regulator now appears poised to help (Aug 23)

Here is the big reason banks are safer than a decade ago
Institutions rely less on wholesale funding of the kind that seized up in the crisis (Aug 22)

Are you ready for T+2?
The shorter settlement period for trades, 2 days instead of 3, has implications for financial advisors (Aug 21)
The Cyber Cafe
Cybersecurity news every Friday.
Real online profile or dangerous scam? HR beware 
Criminals are trying to steal employees' personal information by hacking HR systems; beware of fake resumes on social media and fake 'phishing' emails.

10 bad habits cybersecurity professionals must break
Cybersecurity workers face many challenges on the job
Here are 10 bad habits they must avoid in order to be most effective.

Seven keys to strenghen your cybersecurity culture
Why is cybersecurity culture so important to organizational success?  How can you build a culture of effective security? What are the actions, tips and steps that can help strengthen your cyberculture? Here's a primer.
Disarming a MiFID tripwire
Something in the works at the SEC?
(Aug 23) -- Private signals from the Securities and Exchange Commission has financial firms hopeful the agency will make it easier for U.S. brokerages to sell market research to European money managers. SEC staff is engaging more with the industry and has stepped up efforts to find a fix before Europe's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) takes effect in January. The stickiest wicket is a requirement that brokerages charge money managers for research.
Binge reading disorder
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Watch the total solar eclipse in 60 seconds (video)
A NASA telescope captures the total solar eclipse as it passes over the western US state of Oregon.

Insider trading schemes using encrypted apps alarm FBI
Self-destructing messages are the latest tool for white collar criminals.

Jackson Hole Bingo! Play along to avoid jargon-induced lethargy

Stay focused on the policy speeches as happy hour beckons; central bankers love buzz words almost as much as Wall Street