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Friday | Nov 9, 2018
`Fed Is in Denial': How a $4 Trillion Dilemma Could Get Ugly
Fixed-income traders are telling the Federal Reserve that it might end up making a big policy mistake. And it's not just rising interest rates they're talking about. Wall Street sees risk of reserves growing scarce on Fed unwind; demand for short-term cash could wreak havoc on rate policy . (Bloomberg Markets | Nov 8)

SEC panel votes to urge agency to strengthen advice rule proposal
The SEC Investor Advisory Committee suggested clarifying that Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) is a fiduciary standard, and voted 16-3 to send their recommendations to the five SEC commissioners as they craft a final rule. (Investment News | Nov 7)

Predicting the next bear market in six charts
Here are some clues investors are using to see if the long bull run is nearing an end.  Nine years, eight months and one day  into the current bull market, some investors are asking whether a bear is on the horizon. (The Wall Street Journal | Nov 5)

U.S. swaps cop frees smaller firms from dealer requirement
A multi-year lobbying effort by energy and agricultural firms finally paid off as the top U.S. swaps regulator exempted many of them from registration requirements that would have meant stricter margin and capital standards. (Bloomberg Law | Nov 5)

Sometimes it's bonds for the long run
When measured in three-decade increments, bonds did better than stocks as recently as 2011. Maybe investors should question the dogma of "stocks for the long run." History shows that a portfolio of bonds has outperformed stocks surprisingly often and for shockingly long periods. (The Wall Street Journal | Nov 2)
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The mad dash to find a cybersecurity force
A stunning statistic is reverberating in cybersecurity: An estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will be available but unfilled by 2021, according to expert predictions.

Banks hire undercover researchers to gather threat intelligence
Banks' cybersecurity teams' researchers-for-hire can navigate the Dark Web in ways corporate cybersecurity teams can't, often drawing on foreign language skills and backgrounds in the intelligence community. They sometimes pose as cybercriminals, using tactics that corporate security professionals must avoid because of regulatory or reputational concerns.

Here's what cybersecurity first responders will soon look like
Modeled after Tactical Operations Centers (TOCs) used by the military, IBM created the first Cyber-Tactical Operations Center (C-TOC) to travel onsite during cybersecurity attacks (VIDEO).
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China's 5 steps for recruiting spies
Beware of Chinese  spies offering laptops, women, or educational stipends-and especially watch out for odd LinkedIn requests.

What life would look like without the 'Tampon Tax'
Band-aids-check. Condoms-check. Sunscreen-check. Tampons? Nope, sorry. The U.S. government has a long list of what counts as a medical expense eligible for tax breaks, but menstrual products don't make the cut.

Under Armour's #MeToo Moment: No more strip clubs on company dime
Over the years, executives and employees of the sports-apparel company, including the chair and chief executive, went with athletes or co-workers to strip clubs after some corporate and sporting events, and the company often paid for the visits of many attendees, people familiar with the matter said.
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