This month's topic: Maps and Atlases - Where in the world?
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March 2017
This Month: Maps and Atlases - Where in the world?
Before you dive into the books and maps offered this month, a bit of history about maps and cartography:

The fascination and interest for the world that we inhabit, has been inherent to human nature since prehistoric times. Some of the cave paintings and other representations on bones and artifacts, which used to be viewed as mere artistic representations, have turned to be, according to the latest investigations, maps of hunting areas, streams, routes, and even maps of the stars. The oldest recorded route is a 9-foot wall painting, found in Anatolia and dated 6100-6300BC, showing buildings and a volcano.

After the Industrial Revolution, trading and commerce, increased enormously throughout the world. The post industrial revolution era also brought the rise of a middle class who started to be able to afford luxuries such as books and travel. Geographers and cartographers had to respond to their increasing demands.

Large decorated, almost artistic folio maps, so popular during previous centuries, gave way to smaller, more practical, and portable maps with smaller features that gave more importance to the accuracy of the elements represented than to the decorative meaning of the map.

Later, during the 19th century, railroads expanded rapidly throughout the world, making travel faster, cheaper and more accessible to more and more people. Cartographers put more of their energy and effort in producing up-to-date maps, showing the latest extensions to the railroad network. During this time, maps normally eliminated the remaining decorative features and became almost entirely factual.

(Source: Mapping Through the Ages: The History of Cartography, Caitlin Dempsey, January 29, 2011.)
Colton's Atlas of the World by George W. [Woolworth] Colton and Richard Swainson Fisher
Publisher: J.H. Colton and Company
Place of Publication: New York (1856)
Binding: Hardcover
Edition: First Edition

Contains plans of the principal cities of the United States and Canada. This collection of maps was also published as "Colton's Atlas of America," for separate sale to those having European atlases of the rest of the world. Not to be confused with the single-volume folio atlas Colton released in 1888, nor the single-volume quarto version (with only 50 maps) published in 1865.

Colton's Atlas of the World, illustrating Physical and Political Geography. Accompanied by Descriptions Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, in Two Volumes: North and South America, Etc.; Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceanica, Etc.
Available Here.
The History of Cartography, Volumes One, Two (Book 1, 2, & 3), and Three (Book 1 & 2) by J.B. Harley, David Woodward, and G. Malcolm Lewis, Editors
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Place of Publication: Chicago (2007)
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Hardcover

First three volumes of this monumental work, in six physical books.
People come to know the world the way they come to map it-through their perceptions of how its elements are connected and of how they should move among them.

This is precisely what the series is attempting by situating the map at the heart of cultural life and revealing its relationship to society, science, and religion. It is trying to define a new set of relationships between maps and the physical world that involve more than geometric correspondence. It is in essence a new map of human attempts to chart the world. (New York Times review) Available Here.
Cartography of the Northwest Coast of America to the Year 1800
by Henry R. Wagner
Publisher: University of California Press
Place of publication: Berkeley (1937)
Binding: Hardcover
Edition: First Edition

Although emphasis is on the northwest coast of America, this is a useful reference work to the student of the historical cartography of America. It contains an extensive index, bibliography, list of place names as well as a list of maps. An exhaustive and scholarly publication, which includes a note on practically every important map of the world between 1507 and 1794. Available Here.
Official Paved Road and Commercial Survey of the United States
by National Map Company
Publisher: National Map Company
Place of Publication: Indianapolis IN (1928)
Edition: First Edition
Binding: Hardcover

Particularly important road atlas, in that it is among the first to include the newly numbered federal highway system -- the Bureau of Public Roads and the Federal Highway Administration teamed up to accomplish these name changes in 1925.

Descriptive gazetteer of United States and territorial possessions. Sectional road maps covering the entire united states and lower Canada; complete series of state maps in colors for commercial reference; a double page united states map showing transcontinental highways - logs, transcontinental federal highways. Map and information concerning air mail and air express; maps of principal cities in the united states showing main highways. Ready reference index locating cities, towns and villages with population according to latest federal census.

Available Here.
Carpets of Iran
International Boundary
Carpets of Iran, Map of Carpet Weaving and Trading Centers 
by Sahab Geographic and Drafting Institute

Publisher: Sahab Geographic and Drafting Institute
Place of Publication: Tehran (2005)
Binding: Folded Map


Full color folded wall map of the rug weaving areas of Persia; a physical map of Iran as well as a map of Iran's "Ethno-Composition: Local Costumes, Handicrafts, Certain Agricultural Products."

Available Here.  
International Boundary from the Gulf of Georgia to the Northwesternmost Point of the Lake of the Woods by O.H. Tittmann, C.D. Walcott, and W.F. King  

Publisher: International Boundary Commission
Place of Publication: Washington DC (1913)
Binding: Map 

Available Here.

Washington DC: International Boundary Commission, 1913. The 59-map series was produced as a result of the 1908 treaty between the U.S. and Great Britain to delineate the northern border. This sheet encompasses the border area currently occupied by Glacier National Park, including the Flathead River, Kintla Lake, and the "Summit of the Rocky Mountains" or Continental Divide.
Available Here. 
Pictorial Guide of Fuji-Hakone National Park by Unknown
Publisher: Fujina Hotel Co.
Place of Publication: Japan (1940)
Binding: Folded Map/Brochure

The map depicts points of interest including Fuji Golf Course, waterfalls, temples, hotels, skiing and hiking areas. Small insert map of Japan in upper corner. The reverse has a series of small b/w photos and descriptions and a larger image of My Fuji with descriptive facts.

Available Here. 
Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland by A. M Sullivan, P. D. Nunan, and P. W. Joyce 
Available Here.
Publisher: Murphy & McCarthy, Publishers
Place of Publication: New York (1900)
Binding: Hardcover

Edition: First Edition

This title contains two books in one, with the atlas portion unpaginated. Part 1: A comprehensive delineation of the thirty-two counties, with a beautifully colored map of each, arranged alphabetically, showing over 11,000 cities, towns, villages, and places of public interest. Part II: The general history.
Available Here.  
The Soldier in Our Civil War
Illustrated Atlas
The Soldier in Our Civil War: A Pictorial History of the Conflict, 1861-1865, Illustrating the Valor of the Soldier as Displayed on the Battle-Field by Paul F. Mottelay, T. Campbell-Copeland

Publisher: Stanley Bradley Publishing Co.
Place of Publication: New York (1890)
Binding: Hardcover
Edition: Limited Edition

Heavily illustrated with battle scenes, camp life, ships, maps, officer portraits, etc.
The People's Illustrated & Descriptive Family Atlas of the World
Available Here.
Publisher: W.H. Stewart & Co./ People's Publishing Co.

Place of Publication: Rochester NY (1886)
Binding: Hardcover

A late 19th century color atlas, including 46 state maps , Indian and Washington territories, various continent and country maps (including Canada, which is listed in the contents as British America, and labeled on the map as Dominion of Canada), western and eastern hemispheres, globular and Mercator world maps, and maps of the solar system and Yellowstone Park.

Also includes historical, political, and military maps; geographic, demographic, and economic diagrams. Available Here.
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