It makes me nauseous to write this article. Recently, I received an email from one of our workers in south Kenya asking for help. His 16-year old daughter is missing, and police are suspecting foul play – an alleged sex-trafficking kidnapping. I immediately contacted an old friend of mine, Congresswoman Linda Smith, who leads Shared Hope International – an outreach to those victimized by human trafficking. 
Human Trafficking Is A Global Crisis
Dr. Stephen Phinney

Since human trafficking is a global crisis , I probably don't need to explain this industry, but I will. Sex-trafficking is one of the largest, if not the largest, black-market sectors in the world. Trafficking occurs when someone uses kidnapping or forced coercion to obtain ownership of a human to sell acts of sex to interested buyers. They call it commercial sex. These sellable acts usually include face-to-face prostitution, pornography, social networking prostitution, and sexual performances. The owner of the victim uses the deception of "benefits in return." A modality used to "promise" the victim to receive money, fame, drugs, shelter, food, or clothes for their willingness. That is after the victim is brain-washed.   
Sex-trafficking is a huge problem, which can take many forms. One of America's most popular types is the multibillion-dollar illicit massage industry. Another standard outlet is online image transfer. Meaning, as the digital age users are sending nudity of themselves, and others, to their friends and enemies, online pimps are tracking for kidnapping or exclusive invites into the industry. Keep in mind; these pimps can locate the minor's specific location through advanced tracking software. This is how black-market kidnapping comes into play. The average age of capture is 12–16-years of age, which puts Generation Z as the highest risk generation.   
The bottom line for online and offline pimps is revenue – money. Pimps seek out young people who are in desperate need of protection, love, adventure, opportunity, and, most of all, a father and mother figure. There is plenty of young z'ers who fit that category. Where do these pimps find their victims? The leading venue is online through social networking. The runner up is the child's neighborhood via phone location. Then off to the bottom three arenas, clubs, schools, and unsupervised minor outings.
Pimps are not exclusively hunting for girls; boys are at equal risk. They use the methods of instilling fear, violence, intimidation, and threats of harming the victim and their families. Once these threats become fear, the youth begin to cooperate. If the victim becomes anxious enough to "want out," they are silenced by fear and repetitive control. If relentless anxiety rules the youth's life, they're introduced to drug and alcohol abuse – usually by force and manipulation. Addictions form. Then the pimp uses drugs and alcohol to motivate and maintain control - their chosen method of "brain-washing" their victims until they are ready to compete. Yes, compete. Once on the market, the pimp uses competition to stimulate aggressive pursuit for the youth to be the best in the industry. After two years, the victim falls into the cultural label of "prostitute."
As you might guess, once the youth is a marketable product , all kinds of mental and physiological problems are in place – drug & alcohol addiction, self-inflicted violence, delinquency, teenage pregnancy, STDS, and yes, habituating abortion - not to mention the loss of personal identity. At this point, society steps in and begins to treat these troubled youth as a sub-culture, which reinforces the problem. For many "Christians," we forget the power of love. We lose sight of why we are here, why we became born-again, and why we were put here on this earth. The tragedy is not only a global problem, but our church has become impotent in reaching such a culture.     
Allow me to share a true to life and an ongoing problem with one of our social media giants. Generation Z is distancing itself from the largest provider. For a good reason. The leading cause is, their parents used this social outlet to communicate. The second and more important reason is, GenZ is catching on to the privacy violations this social media giant propagates.
No news for the news-driven digital-age but, the internet is awash with horrendous media of children exposed, sexually abused, images created and distributed for others who suffer from twisted pleasure. These statistics reveal that 65 % of these abuses show a full 12 million of 18.4 million came from a single service: the leading messenger outlet, and other chat apps. 
This social media giant is leading the charge to mask the images and messages relayed through its service to "encrypt" all the data under the banner of "privacy," which blocks law enforcement from viewing SUCH data. Meaning, the social posters of this twisted image posting remain protected under their policies. While this policy appears to safeguard "freedom of speech," it will create a darker and horrendous dark hole - a private place where child sexual abusers and pimps can flourish, torturing and abusing children. The target audience just happens to be Generation Z.  
One of the leading trends within the GenZ world is image posting, particularly videos. The twisted irony is, GenZ is mostly unaware that the world is viewing their compulsivity of posting selfies of their sexuality and their not so private acts of sexual encounters. One of the best platforms for this is the social networks that advance imagery. The issue is not only in confronting social networks in light of their privacy violations but, it is in the growing concern over the freedom of speech (images) within the internet. This global war is worth fighting.
Most know that GenZ lives and functions within the Big Tech world. Most GenZ'ers don't realize the Creator's design demonstrates the integration of sound and imagery. These child perpetrators use this truth to manipulate and capture this vulnerable generation.  
One of the leading trends with GenZ is in adjusting what they believe is right or wrong. The most disturbing factor in GenZ's modality of changing what is "right and wrong" according to societal trending is - they perceive they can move the corner-post OF morality. While this is not new ideation, it rubs against the One who set the ancient boundary of morality - God. It was in this statistical reveal that prompted many researchers to ask "why" they believed such a corner-post could be moved. The results were shocking to most.
Their answer came through their perception of the church. Secondly, they revealed evidence that their view of God came directly from their peers, which self-perpetuates their conclusion. This data resulted in the findings that Generation Z separates morality from God while pinning it to the people of God. Key. Preditors seek out victims without moral or spiritual convictions.
While iGenZ does not support their conclusion , we completely understand their thinking. Further statistics show us that the whole of the church has made lukewarm the authentic doctrines of the Word of God. Generation Z has watched the church liquify into the Post-Truth culture-making most churches impotent. Since GenZ defines their identity through peer influence, they have detached from the church due to abuses found in the church. The record number of sexual abuse, abuse of power, suicide, internal fighting, and yes, sometimes murder, within the church is off the charts. Society has never seen such hatred in the church as they do today. It is no wonder why this generation is distancing themselves from the sources that are SUPPOSE to heal & rescue them from our greatest preditor - Satan. He wants our children.
When people cannot find security & stability in a church or religious institution, they morph into tolerance. Sad to say, Generation Z has become the most religiously tolerant group to date.
All of these modalities , issues, and statistics play into the world of sex-trafficking. When we have to educate adults who are instructed to protect children, we know we have a bigger problem.
The perfect place for pimps to shop is in a generation that suffers gender confusion. Even though there is a movement for this generation to support gender association with birth, new statistics include the view of humans being born with gender-associated genetics includes gender transitioning. We can only hope a part of this movement is reconsidering gender-neutrality.
While it is true that this generation is proving to be the most tolerant regarding same-sex associations and numerous sexual identities, 67% of GenZ today identify as exclusively heterosexual - a good number considering the implosion of same-sex ideations. Even though our institute loves these numbers, Generation Z indeed holds the record of any generation supporting same-sex identification. That means, 67% of this generation can be saved from this demise.
Statistics show that gender association is directly connected to Generation Z's view of God. Several of the movements in culture today, God is a she, Jesus is homosexual, and Jesus is nor male or female, all are derivatives of this problematic view. Most worldviews are birthed through sex-identified perspectives. Religions have associated gender with their gods for centuries. While our statistics reveal that this generation is the most confused sexually identified culture, their "bottom line" mode of thinking can make use of recycling their belief system to sustain a Biblical worldview.
Sexual identity is at the root of all sexual addictions. Generation Z is addicted to internet imagery - ideation that promotes a severe problem with sex in general and the power of the visuals available to assist human traffickers.
These facts open the door for on & offline shopping for a degenerate sales-people to come and buy your children and grandchildren with their lies. Are your eyes open wide?     
God save the children!
Are you teaching your children and grandchildren who they are in Christ? Ok, maybe most are not saved. Now you have a bigger job – leading them to Christ before it is too late. Too late, you say. Yes, the Holy Scripture says the road to destruction is extensive, and the path to authentic salvation is narrow. 
"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 'For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.'" (Matthew 7:13-14)
We understand that most parents are not alarmed until this problem is on their doorstep. The issue of human trafficking is too painful for most people to review, let alone contribute to the solution. The first and most crucial action is prayer. If you are an indwelt believer, it starts there. Secondly, get educated. We have partnered with Congresswoman Linda Smith's organization for many years – Shared Hope International. Take time to visit their website.
Finally, stop allowing your minors to surf the internet freely - a critical action. The web is the database for this horrific problem. Keep your minors out of clubs and unsupervised outings. Social issues go pandemic when the guardians of minors assume their children are safe.    
I want to respond to a question. "You're a theologian, why are you deviating your writings to detail social issues?" I believe the Lord's spiritual leaders are the primary leaders to address Christ, Culture, and Creator. Leaders who are not highly qualified in all three are putting the people at risk. I refuse to do that! After all, a well-grounded teacher knows, culture IS spiritual.
Special thanks to our friends at Shared Hope International for their statistics & contributions.
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