September 2016
Making it in Emerging Markets: Do the Math
Electronic devices find their first successes in developed markets and then look for success in emerging markets. But making that jump takes a lot of strategizing, accounting and retooling. With consumer electronics, it can be difficult to make in-roads in a market where potential customers have less disposable income. This is exactly what early makers/component suppliers of smartphones today are facing. Learn more.  
Facebook Video Needs to Take the Last Hill 
Facebook is the world's largest and most recognizable social network, but it's fast on its way to becoming its foremost video power. With ad dollars flowing from broadcast TV to the Internet, Facebook, already an advertising behemoth, is cashing in. So what's next? Learn more. 
Japanese Electronics Giants: Then and Now
Once upon a time, Japanese companies like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and Sharp were the giants of the consumer electronics business. Years of ascendance of Samsung, LG and now Chinese manufacturers have resulted in a significantly shrinking consumer-electronics market for the premium Japanese brands. Yet, these Japanese companies should continue to be leader. But they are not. Learn more.
Case Study:
Collecting Royalties on Technology Patents

A Fortune 500 company has an extensive portfolio of technology patents for digital products found in the consumer electronics, medical and defense industries. The standard market research provided by most research firms fell short of the company's precise research needs. In fact, such "cookie cutter" research painted an inaccurate picture of patent-value. The company required detailed market intelligence to help royalty-collection efforts. Download case study.
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