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About Dr. Moses K. Shieh, D.O., FACOS

Dr. Moses Shieh is experienced in several major weight loss surgical procedures, enabling Surgical Healing Arts Center patients in the Naples-Fort Myers, Florida area to choose the best option for their needs. He is also trained in cosmetic surgery and offers post-massive  weight loss   body contouring .

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Question: What do we as individuals fear the most when it comes to the health care debate?  As a physician who over 25 years of experience I will provide the answer. It is fear of becoming bankrupt from an unforeseen health care event and its unexpected costs. The prospect of short term financial difficulties is what keeps individuals "strapped to" the first dollar insurance model.  

Urticaria, more commonly known as "hives," is a skin reaction resulting in red, itchy bumps of varying size that fade and reappear as the reaction runs its course.

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President's Message
Raymond Kordonowy, MD
Dear IPALC Patrons:


Summer is upon us. I hope everyone enjoys their
outings with family. 

There is a lot of  attention in the media about who is wasting our health care dollars. This includes: $8,000 CT scans by  your local hospital system and kickbacks for prescription benefit management companies like Express Scripts and Caremark. IPALC has been trying to prepare Lee county physicians, businesses and patients for a change in the status quo.

Check out our newsletter titles and engage the links to see how some of this change is going to benefit  the average person.

Have a safe and healthy summer!

Dr. Raymond Kordonowy, IPALC President
New Member Spotlight
Geriatric Psychiatrist 

Dr. Jacob completed a Geriatric psychiatry post- doctoral fellowship program from Division of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore in Maryland in 2013. He completed a residency in psychiatry from University of Miami Miller School of Medicine & Jackson memorial Hospital. Prior to his training in psychiatry he completed a residency in general internal medicine and practiced as an internist in India.

Dr. Jacob is available by appointment for psychiatric consultation for second opinions for psychiatric medications, psychotherapy and additional treatment approaches to formulate a treatment plan. Their evaluation is usually a one- time consultation with recommendations for primary care providers.

Local FL Physician Is Changing The Status Quo With Direct Conversation at the White House
Dr. Lee Gross Discussing Affordable Care
Watch videos regarding patient advocacy and access at  The Health Freedom Hub

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