Catching Up With Chile in 2020!

IPAY is thrilled to be able to support FITA CHILE @ IPAY Showcase 2020 after the bi-annual children's festival was postponed in November due to civil unrest on the streets of Santiago. This collaboration wouldn’t be possible without years of relationship building between IPAY, Te Veo ASSITEJ CHILE, and the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile, which culminated last year with a Cultural Spotlight on Chile at Showcase 2019 in Philadelphia.

Every year, the Showcase Selection Committee receives an increased number of applications from artists of Ibero-America, giving our members and conference delegates the opportunity to see a variety of works from the region. At Showcase 2020, delegates will see 3 official selections from Chile, including Showcases from Teatro de Ocasión and La Llave Maestra, and Tell Spotlight from Ñeque Teatral. With FITA CHILE following Showcase this year, you have the chance to experience even more full length works and short spotlights of works for young audiences from Chile that are ready to tour to markets around the world.
"From my point of view, we are harvesting the fruits of the seeds planted since 2015 when we first participated in IPAY. The cumulative effect of the constant presence of Chilean delegates, whether artists, programmers or producers, has put all of Latin America on the mind map of professionals in North America, that is undeniable."

How has your experience with IPAY Showcase influenced the model for FITA Chile?

"FITA CHILE was definitely inspired by our IPAY Showcase experience. I was very impressed with my first visit in 2015, how straightforward and well-designed IPAY was, an effective tool for both artists and presenters with the aim of enhancing the relationships of the market for performing arts for young audiences.  FITA CHILE presents itself as a market in the same way as IPAY, showing work made to travel.

Something we also took from the IPAY Showcase is how important actual encounters are where the whole ecosystem meets and the resulting generous exchange, interaction and genuine curiosity. But we also believe that to experience works of companies in the geographical/cultural place where they were created is something unique.

Chile's Cultural Spotlight at IPAY 2019 was really a memorable experience! The opportunity to be the focus during what I consider to be the most important international forum/market in the performing arts sector for young audiences gave us the chance to show the diversity, the quality and the quantity of work being produced in Chile. Having this recognition is priceless and I am sure that all professionals not from Chile, but from all over Latin America will benefit from this event."
Chilean artists have had a growing presence at IPAY Showcase, both on stage and in the exhibit hall.

"The effect of this visibility translates into more invitations to participate in festivals and tours, but most importantly puts the art produced in our continent on the same artistic and professional levels as the one produced in the so-called Global North. "
Have you noticed any new trends or movements within the performance for the young audiences sector in Chile since FITA Chile and ASSITEJ Chile - Te Veo began?

"I have been observing that with the increase of access to information about not only the available platforms and how to internationalize the work, but also what kind of work successfully tours abroad, have definitely had an impact in the work being created in our region. For instance, taking into account and re-thinking the amount of scenery to be transported and also the number of members in a production. I also see a rapid development in non-verbal work, often supported by live music, and recently great interest in dance for young audiences. This type of work, which has already been touring with relative success, is presented as an export model, especially in places that do not speak Spanish or Portuguese.

On a personal note, since starting to work within IPAY and FITA CHILE markets, the theme that is always present is that of international mobility and the issue of fair cooperation. The paradox fact that countries that offer travel funds are, one could say, over-represented in international festivals and fairs, should make us wonder - what are we missing? Which voices are not being represented? If we want real diversity, we need to create permanent structures as to allow all cultures and regions to be at the table."

As part of the Cultural Spotlight, the Ministry introduced some new funding opportunities that could aid in the touring and presenting of Chilean artists in the United States.

"The first and immediate impact of the funding policies in Chile is that Chilean companies do have support to participate in the IPAY Showcase conference. This changes everything because it offers mobility funds allowing a company to present its show when selected for the Showcase.

Moreover, the simple fact that mobility funds exist for artists working in Chile puts them in a privileged position when striving for a spot in the international markets. In this sense, Chile is providing an example to most countries in Latin America."

A note from Francisca Maturana Fernández, Artistic Areas Coordinator, Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, Government of Chile:
“It has been a great experience to participate for the first time with a Delegation and see firsthand the great opportunity that IPAY presents for Chilean companies that are in the process of internationalization. They have managed tours, networks, contacts that have allowed them to continue growing. As for the funds we have to support the circulation of artists, we invite you to visit our website to find out more:

We also connected with Andrea Perez de Castro, Executive Director, FamFest, who attended Showcase for the first time with the Chilean Delegation for the 2019 Cultural Spotlight!

“For Chilean companies, participating in IPAY is essential and hopefully they can participate more, since it is a space where they learn a lot about tour production, as well as be in contact with other theater companies. I think they are very enriched by the opportunity. It is a great performing arts market for young audiences, from which I learned a lot and had the opportunity to see great shows. Also, the importance of networking with other programmers and participating in various conferences and workshops, make IPAY a unique experience.”
Bebe, how can international agents and presenters continue to get involved with Chilean touring companies and cultural organizations?

"There are several opportunities to see works by Latin American artists. In addition to national or international festivals in most Latin American countries,

In 2020, many of the artists originally selected to showcase at FITA CHILE will travel to Philadelphia to present their work. Bebê notes that it’s also very important to look for opportunities to experience work for children in the place where it was created in order to contextualize it within the culture, and to more deeply understand its county of origin.

IPAY looks forward to seeing Chilean artists on more world stages!
FITA Chile 2020 @ IPAY

Still looking for more after Showcase 2020?
Join us Sunday, January 26 for FITA Chile @ IPAY in Philly!
IPAY is excited to invite you to FITA Chile @ IPAY, a full day of Showcases and Spotlights from Ibero-America.

FITA Chile @ IPAY will take place on Sunday, January 26th, 2020 after the conclusion of IPAY’s typical Showcase programing.

FITA Chile – FERIA IBEROAMERICANA TEVEO ASSITEJ CHILE is a pioneering event organized by ASSITEJ/Te Veo Chile and Amazonas Network, that brings together Ibero-American companies of dance, circus and theatre and professionals in the field of performing arts for young audiences. 

IPAY, as an international organization, is perfectly positioned to ensure that the borders between art and artists never close. We are building a bridge between the North and South Americas, providing a world stage for FITA Chile; the stage that it lost due to the political unrest in the weeks preceding the event in Santiago, leading to the cancellation just days before the event.
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Announcing 2020 Cultural Spotlights!
Experience Finnish Dance and Circus/Dance and Circus Info
Friday, January 24
Philadelphia Film Center

Through a collaboration between CircusInfo Finland and DanceInfo Finland, a Finnish Delegation of artists and producers is present at IPAY for the very first time! This small but powerful delegation is representative of a much larger sector focussed on dance and circus for young audiences and families. They join us here in Philadelphia to generate contacts and networks aiming towards future collaborations.

CircusInfo Finland provides information services on professional circus in Finland. It supports and coordinates the artistic and cultural development of Finnish circus by creating and maintaining international relationships and contacts through its strong networks, promotional activities and mentoring.

DanceInfo Finland is an expert of Finnish dance art. It offers services and counseling, informs and advocates. Domestic and international projects form a major part of DanceInfo Finland’s activities. They provide multiple working possibilities for Finnish dance professionals, develop the operating conditions of Finnish dance field and also open up the world of dance for larger audiences.

What's the Craic?
Sponsored by Culture Ireland and Arts Council Northern Ireland
Wednesday, January 22
Suzanne Roberts Theatre
IPAY has a long history of showcasing great touring productions from Irish companies. This full hour cultural spotlight will provide a glimpse into the greater sector of performing arts for young audiences that is being created and presented in an “all-island” Irish spotlight.

The Irish delegation features artists, festivals, producers and funders whom will provide an overview of the sector including great puppetry, theatre, dance and circus productions as well as connections to outstanding international festivals. Experience the Wednesday pitch, raise a glass of cheer with them afterwards, see their work on stage in showcases and spotlights, and connect with them throughout the week. Guaranteed good craic!
2020 Chilean Artist Highlight!

Teatro de Ocasión

Age Range: 4-8
Running Time: 35-50 minutes
Audience Size: 250
Artist Website:
Contact: María Fernanda Carrasco, Co-Director
Company:  Teatro de Ocasión 
Phone: +56 9 93909241

PAREIDOLIA Games to Activate the Imagination
La Llave Maestra
Age Range: 8+
Running Time: 60 to 70 minutes
Audience Size: 350-1200
Artist Website:
Contact: Alvaro Morales, Director
Company: La Llave Maestra
Phone:  +56 9 81959971

No Birds Sing Just For The Sake Of It / Ningún Pájaro Canta por Cantar
Ñeque Teatral
Age Range: 8+ and families
Running Time: 60 minutes
Audience Size: 400 people
Artist Website: 
Contact: Pablo Obreque, Creative Director
Phone:  +56 95 1387144
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